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Only Three Hours Left!

It’s been in the top stories box for weeks now, but the score is 45% to 55%, and the golden hour is now upon us. It’s true; Our Big Purple Neighbor is currently winning NBC’s Best University in NYC poll, and if we don’t fight back now NYU will take both the bragging rights and […]

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Tonight’s Parties May Start Early

Columbia statistician/friend-of-Nate-Silver Andrew Gelman has resurfaced on everyone’s new favorite blog, FiveThirtyEight.  Gelman uses FiveThirtyEight’s data to conclude that if Obama wins Virginia and it’s a close race in Indiana — both of which are looking increasingly likely — it’s literally a statistical certainty that Obama will win the race. Additionally, this means that the […]

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Democracy is Just Around the Corner

Here is a Google Maps App that tells you where to go to cast your vote today. (If you’re at school, it’s probably Wien, despite Google’s uncharacteristic misspelling.) The app also includes reminders like “you must be registered” and whether or not your location offers early voting, which at this point is irrelevant, but still, […]

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Take a Piece of My Heart

Because there’s only one day a year and one candy medium that legitimate the claim that “heart” is a transitive verb, Bwog is celebrating candy hearts.  With a poll!  Here are the staff-selected finalists from the call for slogans we opened last week.  Vote away! {{poll “12”}}

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The 2007 Elections: Smorgasbord of Democracy

Monday editor Armin Rosen has election news for those of you who haven’t spent the past four days sleeping next to a Kentucky offramp. I believe it was Winston Churchill who called democracy the “worst form of government on earth, except for all those others that have been tried.” Well bollocks to you, Winnie. An election-eve barnstorm […]

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QuickSpec: Shiny happy people holding hands edition

Bragging rights for the talented seventh Fixing a (near meteoric) hole where the rain got in “Sometimes I’ll try to swipe and miss [the turnstile in Lerner] and catch it right at [my] groin.” Edit:  Online voting A LINK IN HONOR OF THE FACT THAT THE BANQUET IN HONOR OF THE KING OF SPAIN WAS […]

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