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Just in, from an anonymous tipster:

“I’m at work in my humble cubicle in the Journalism School right now.For some reason Danny Glover is sitting next to me on his cell phone discussing some movie that he wants to be 2 and a half hours long and financed by $18 million.”

 As long as you promise you’re done with  your Lethal Weapon days, whatever floats your boat, Danny boy. 

Edit: Apparently he was moderating a panel for Journalism School students this morning — in case you wanted to know what in the world he’s doing on campus in the first place.



  1. San Franciscan  

    Danny Glover is also rumored to be running for mayor of San Francisco this year, challenging Gavin Newsom from the left.

  2. The Dink  

    Danny Glover is the most amazing human being ever.

  3. The Dink  

    For evidence, watch Silverado.

  4. mmmm  

    danny glover, in his sixties still looking all kindsa good

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