(Cancer + Fundraising) Sunshine = Rollicking Good Time

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Unless you’ve been closeted in the stacks all day, you probably heard the shindig out on the Plaza, which will raise lots and lots of money ($64,445 and counting) to benefit the American Cancer Society. It’s also rather entertaining for passersby, with various field-day type activities filling every corner of the quad. More pictures after the jump.


Dodgeball for Life.



Marksmanship in Robinhood Hats for Life.



DDR for Life.


Cookies and Juice for Life.



And your hosts, Colin Drummond and Addison Anderson (4Lyfe)!



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  1. life  

    as opposed to death?

    could they have thought of a more generic name?

    • hey!  

      dude seriously go fuck yourself.
      while i could never actually hope anyone gets cancer, i'm awfully close with you.

    • fckr  

      You are a jackass. Fuck off. Yes, it is, actually, Relay For Life as opposed to death. RFL = fundraising = more research = better treatments = less people dying from this awful disease. I'm with poster #3 - I don't wish cancer on anybody, but I hope karma does deliver some sort of comeuppance for your nasty little mouth.

  2. CANCER!

    CANCER is so hetero-normative; this should be a bake sale for AIDS. That's something I can get behind.

  3. Cancer

    CANCER from GOD you filthy normals!

  4. anyway  

    there should have been a free food tag, because FUZE was giving away drinks throughout the day. should i have felt bad about just taking them? maybe not. FUZE should feel bad for corporately infiltrating a fundraiser!

  5. hey hey  

    whoa there. people need to calm down about #1. It's bwog. If someone doesn't post cynical comments on an article in the first hour, the universe implodes or something.

    #8: corporations should feel guilty for contributing to charity? it's not like they just showed up and set up shop. they were invited by Relay for Life

    And it cannot be said enough: Addison Anderson and Colin Drummond are comic extraordinaires.

  6. well  

    would you really want to hear from people who were sincerely enthusiastic about people walking laps for hours?

  7. Hey look!  

    Addison Anderson and Colin Drummond have both posted! I did not hear words of appreciation for their work from anyone else at the event.

  8. Dammit  

    I know saying Bwog comments are mean is the most antiquated observation ever, but GOD DAMN you guys. Addison and Colin are funny and nice people, and hating on them is so uncalled for given that they just hosted a day-long event fighting cancer.

  9. hurr  

    I did not attend. Personally, I am pro-cancer.

  10. Do-Gooder  

    Walking in circles for hours always makes me want a cigarette... Or three.

  11. yummy  

    addison is so dreamy.. mm-MMM. DAMN. gotta love that skinny white freckled ass.

    also, on another (sort of related?) note, where are pictures of the drag show? that was the best part.

  12. hmmm  

    two things: 1 were at 76,000
    2 never thought a fundraiser to stop cancer would be so problematic..geez. ..

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