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Bwog’s CCSC Strawpoll

Ballot BoxHey CC kids, who’re you voting for this week? (No, our voting technology can’t tell if you’re running around to different computers to vote multiple times, but we hope you have better things to do).

Polls after the jump.

{{poll “3” “start”}}

{{poll “4” “none”}}

{{poll “5” “none”}}

{{poll “6” “none”}}

{{poll “7” “none”}}

{{poll “8” “end”}}

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  • how about says:

    @how about “not voting”?

  • clarification says:

    @clarification student services and senate have 2 positions open, but this poll only allows you to vote for one of each.

  • CC08 says:

    @CC08 Go Dan and Felipe!

  • VOTE FOR says:


  • omg says:

    @omg i just saw tracy chung log onto a computer and vote, and then she moved computer. i don’t know what she did, but she left after 2 minutes.

    1. stop lying says:

      @stop lying interesting because since the time the bwog poll went up, tracy was at an interview downtown and then sitting in my room.
      so sad that you don’t have anything better to do than to make stuff up.

      1. X.J. says:

        @X.J. This election business is pretty sad when you can’t even see the sarcasm in a softball troll.

        (Unless your response was intended ironically, in which case I’ve just been owned)

        (But I think that’s not likely)

        (Unless the interview comment was intended as a jab at Chung for running as a resume builder; which, if it is in fact the case, is so deliciously subtle, yet salient, that I want to buy you a beer.)


      2. "softball troll" says:

        @"softball troll" hi, i’m the “softball troll” who said tracy chung was voting on every computer.

        i confess. i made it up. i’m sorry i offended the columbia community. i will be publishing a full apology in tomorrow’s spectator.

        again, i offer my heartfelt apologies. i never knew my comment would be taken so seriously by such a bunch of fucking losers.

        1. real troll says:

          @real troll Uh. . . I’m the “softball troll” that posted about Tracy earlier. I guess trolling is one thing, but trolling to imitate a troll, that’s a new low, man.

          1. wtf says:

            @wtf say what you want, but i really am the softball troll. other people obviously won’t know who to believe, but between you and i, we know it was me.

  • oh please says:

    @oh please even bwog ought to be above unsubstantiated gossip

  • cc10 says:

    @cc10 To be honest not many freshmen get on bwog and I find the election results rather skewed. Why are juniors and seniors voting online when they have no idea nor have invested themselves with the issues in this race?

  • i am says:

    @i am a frosh and i check the bwog daily. where does it say this site is for upperclassmen?

    1. Yeah really says:

      @Yeah really I’m a freshman too, and I’ll be damned if that asshole Modesitt gets re-elected.

  • im a junior says:

    @im a junior and i didnt vote for the freshmen election

  • frank says:

    @frank one columbia is really really gay

    1. sss says:

      @sss Actually, One Columbia isn’t really that gay, they’re really pretty straight. That’s a shame, at least Voice didn’t leave that minority group untouched in putting together their team.

  • Sketer says:

    @Sketer Michelle Diamond was just on my floor promoting her party and she farted. It was gross. Don’t vote for her.

  • sighting says:

    @sighting michelle at the computer terminals next to reserves in butler, voting on bwog on each computer terminal

    so sad.

  • please says:

    @please you’re all idiots

  • Come Now Children says:

    @Come Now Children When will you all realize the only true form of government is the fascist ESC form?

    Disenfranchisement forever!

  • philip kitcher says:

    @philip kitcher at least all the members of voice voted for themselves

  • I vote for says:

    @I vote for Dan Okin.

  • Pre-proffs UNITE!!! says:

    @Pre-proffs UNITE!!! VIVE LE RESUME!!!

  • HOW MANY says:


    1. Good ones... says:

      @Good ones... Good candidates…two. Good thing there are two spots…

  • there are says:

    @there are there are 8.

  • bert rand says:

    @bert rand for some reason, there are no more flyers for go party. and the facebook group is gone. WHYYY?

    something’s rotten in the state of class elections. who’s in charge of this crap?

    it must be another chode beezy.

  • exciting says:

    @exciting this whole “softball troll” scandal is scintillating…kinda like the whole “who is deep throat” deal

  • LaZeR says:


  • the HOT LIST says:

    @the HOT LIST I think Tracy Chung and Michelle Diamond can both go on the hot list. Tracy kinda outdoes Michelle though in raw female energy.

    Also in the hot list,

    Jess Becker
    All the girls in TOGA

    1. hot list: xy edition says:

      @hot list: xy edition Sort of sexist to make the hot list completely female oriented, don’t you think?

      Then again look at the male candidates.

      I guess AJ could be considered passable. Mark’s sort of attractive. Maybe.

  • HOT LIST says:

    @HOT LIST Jess Becker shouldn’t have even been considered, end of story

    1. sooo says:

      @sooo Im going to disagree. Whats your problem?

  • fyi bwog says:

    @fyi bwog Priyanka’s name isn’t Priyaka..

  • just no says:

    @just no there’s no way Alma Matters has as much support as this poll would imply

  • whoa whoa whoa says:

    @whoa whoa whoa molly conley ?! everyone needs to listen to say anything ‘every man has a molly” right now.

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