Bwog occasionally likes to sit in on CCSC meetings, just for kicks. Things of note:

marshmallow– The meeting commenced with a furious marshmallow fight, during which Bwog nearly got beaned while tapping away in the audience. President Flaxman had to bang his shoe on the table to halt the crossfire.

–  George Krebs, on the battle of the class t-shirts: “Our sophomore class t-shirts are going to do dirty things [to the other class’ t-shirts].”

– Flex off campus is moving along, and council members requested that Starbucks and Fairway be added to the list of stores where we’ll eventually be able to swipe our parents’ dollars away. One councilmember fumbled: “When the expansion happens–if it were to happen, I’m not taking any sides–that would be good.” People in general seemed to be quite unwilling to talk about Manhattanville. “If Manhattanville were to happen.” “If any expansion does occur, that it should occur under this standard.” Does no one have an opinion on this?

– Two resolutions paased unanimously. One, a climate neutrality resolution, encourages Ivy League universities to increase their energy efficiency and offset carbon usage. Another, more specific to Columbia, encourages the university to more effectively monitor its energy usage, construct all new buildings to LEED standards, and incorporate environmental education into NSOP programming. Yay green stuff! Yay broad sweeping statements!

– By the way, the Dems just endorsed One Columbia, Michelle Diamond’s ticket, with a few more in the works. Man up, Rebel CC and Voice.