As if the fountains on Low Plaza didn’t provide enough innuendo for passersby, a fifty foot “rocket” suddenly materialized between them this morning. Who, you may ask, felt starved for such salacious symbolism? Why, the College Dems, Repubicans, and LionPAC, who teamed up to inflate what’s supposed to be, according to their press release, a “long nuclear bomb”, placed in order to raise awareness about the dangers of a nuclear Iran, and to advertise a Thursday evening panel on the subject. According to Bwog’s ever-vigilant staff, some of the organizers attempted to place the word “IRAN” on the missle itself, but had (for what reason, we’re not sure) to take it down.

Those interested in the panel should note it will take place at 7:30 PM Thursday in Hamilton 602. Columbia professor Paul Richards, Paul Bracken of Yale, and one Herbert London of the Hudson Institute will be present, along with perennial Bwog favorite Richard Bulliet. The massive missile will remain afront the steps until 2 this afternoon.

-CJS, Photo by Sara Vogel