modesittFirst-year Class Council candidate (and incumbent President) Mark Modesitt is going through some rough times. He has been accused of being  a “rapist” in that most literally indelible of media – Sharpie marker on his dorm room door.

Modesitt (as will be revealed in a Spec article Wednesday morning) has contacted Public Safety to launch an investigation, naming specific students as potential culprits, and his John Jay floor attended a mandatory meeting about “hate speech.”

As response, some of those whom Modesitt mentioned as suspects have created a Facebook group to protest what they call Modesitt’s false accusation, quoting a letter that those students claim they were sent by Public Safety and a self-written disclaimer. To wit: “WE JUST DON’T LIKE TOOLS ABUSING PUBLIC SAFETY OFFICIALS FOR THEIR OWN PSEUDO-POLITICAL AMBITIONS AND BLAMING US FOR ARBITRARY BULLSHIT.”

Not all of the members of the group are under investigation for the incident; indeed, as of this writing, 48 students had been invited to join the group, including several ’10 Class Council candidates, as well as Modesitt himself. For the record, the three students who admitted to being under investigation either have been cleared of responsibility for the writing by Public Safety or expect to, claiming no involvement. Modesitt’s door has also been sanded down.

UPDATE, 3:20 AM: A Bwog reader points out the “Related Groups” of the Facebook group for the accused and their sympathizers. They include “Shit Is Sooo Real: An Ayn Rand Tribute”; “Critique of Pure Douchebaggery”; and the most politically correct of all, “If you ask a retarded question in philosophy class, I’ll rape you afterward.” None of those under investigation are members in the latter group.

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AND, 9:35 AM: Spec is calling the incident a death threat and talks to Modesitt and several of the accused. Check it out.