kjhFinally, it’s over: CCSC election results are in, and the victory parties underway (continuing 2009 President George Krebs planned a big one, the Sophomore Semi-Formal in Low, at which he was spotted breaking it down with a crown on). Bwog’s poll of earlier this week proved a mostly accurate indicator, and there were few surprises: One Columbia cruised to victory, and in the only other contested class council race, AJ Pascua’s Go party pulled out a narrower win against Toga, with the incumbent trailing almost 15 points behind.

Perhaps more notably: only 34.3% of you voted in the collective 20 hours the polls were open. That’s over 15% fewer than last year. Sure, Diamond v. Chung/Segovia lacked the suspense of Dixit v. Flaxman. But we thought the Core was supposed to make us into better citizens than the average American? Not to moralize or anything.

Full results after the jump.


Executive Board

Michelle Diamond, President
Alidad Damooei, Vice President for Policy
Jennifer Choi, Vice President for Funding
Lindsey Lazopoulos, Vice President for Campus Life
Glenn Thompson, Vice President for Communications
Tracy Chung, President
Katrina Ciraldo, Vice President for Policy
Tim Paulin, Vice President for Funding
Josie Duffy, Vice President for Campus Life
Paul Soto, Vice President for Communications
VOICE PARTY 192 14.3%
Natali Segovia, President
Mallory Carr, Vice President for Policy
Dave Coates, Vice President for Funding
Marbre Stahly-Butts, Vice President for Campus Life
Nirvikar Jassal, Vice President for Communications
University Senator

Michael Topol 190 17.2%
Allan Lau 356 32.2%
Phil Hadley 104 09.4%
Daniel Free 377 34.1%
Eric Wang 642 58.2% WIN
Felipe Tarud 539 48.8% WIN
Student Services

Brian Leung 859 N/A WIN
Molly Conley 939 N/A WIN
Academic Affairs

Kenneth Liu 432 35.7%
Donna Desilius 458 37.9% WIN
Scott Zaloom 319 26.4%
Pre-Professional/Scholarships and Fellowships

Priyanka Gumaste 689 54.9% WIN
Derek Hou 565 45.1%
Class of 2008

[Access] Party 269 100% WIN
Neda Navab, President
Calvin Sun, Vice President
2008 Representatives

Rahul Jain, Represenative-[Access] Party 200 N/A WIN
Scott Hughes, Represenative-[Access] Party 214 N/A WIN
Stephanie Quan, Represenative-[Access] Party 195 N/A WIN
Class of 2009

Fusion Party 306 100% WIN
George Krebs, President
Mark Johnson, Vice President
2009 Representatives

Ian Solsky, Representative-Fusion Party 249 N/A WIN
Zahrah Taufique, Represenative-Fusion Party 248 N/A WIN
Heather Oh, Represenative-Fusion Party 226 N/A WIN
Class of 2010

Toga Party 183 35.3%
Maximo Cubilette II, President
Allie Lalonde, Vice President
Go Party 205 39.6% WIN
AJ Pascua, President
Sue Yang, Vice President
Alma Matters [Remix] Party 130 25.1%
Mark Modesitt, President
Jessica Becker-Venegas, Vice President
2010 Representatives

Charlotte Freinberg, Represenative-Toga Party 232 17.6% WIN
Valerie Sapozhnikova, Represenative-Toga Party 187 14.2%
Matt Harold, Represenative-Go Party 199 15.1%
Joey Goldberg, Represenative-Go Party 222 16.9% WIN
Claytoya Tugwell, Represenative-Go Party 217 16.5% WIN
Gabriel Castillo, Represenative-Alma Matters [Remix] Party 155 11.8%
Lena Fan, Represenative-Alma Matters [Remix] Party 105 08.0%
Total Turnout 1410