debateThe debate among e-board candidates Tracy Chung, Michelle Diamond, and Natali Segovia took place Monday night in Carman lounge, redolent with the scent of JJ’s chicken fingers. All parties presented initially campaigns centered around a rhetorical motif of sorts. Chung’s Rebel CC campaign spoke first, with the theme of “rebelling against the status quo and bureaucratization of a body that should be a true representation of student activities.” Segovia’s Voice spoke to themes of “diversity,” consistently hitting upon the diversity of experience and backgrounds of the ticket members. The party even tied advising reform into diversity: “We all have diverse interests that can be better served by the advising system.” One Columbia, the most polished of the three parties, wanted a stronger and more connected Columbia, with each member introducing themselves by saying, “My name is ____, and I want to build a stronger community by…” The ideas were not earth-shatteringly different (though neither of the other two parties introduced environmental issues) but the tableau was hard to ignore.
After the jump, the major promises made by each ticket:


  • an online database of group information and events “on par with Spec or Bwog”
  • “Rehaul” pre-professional advising with centralized information and an alumni database
  • developing a long-term financing plan for governing board funds
  • Lerner 6 as “last frontier” in terms of expanding space for student groups
  • making CCSC less intimidating to outsiders
  • informal town hall meetings


  • doubling number of advisors
  • “running our own campaign”and staying out of campaign drama
  • making sure CCSC becomes an open and transparent organization
  • satellite office of Health Service to provide holistic health care
  • greater focus on clarifying funding process to individual groups
  • better relations with student groups and constant communication with those groups


  • reducing student-advisor ratio by half
  • online community calendar
  • posting events on flat screens in Lerner, along with playing CTV and WKCR in Lerner
  • combine FYSAC and JSAAC
  • environmentally responsible planning
  • bimonthly column in Spec and meetings to discuss ideas casually