With our recent posts on Matthew Fox’s impending Class Day speech ballooning to nearly 500 comments, collectively, a protest Facebook group attracting 150 members so far, and even a failed attempt to hawk “Matthew Fox Does Not Speak for Me” buttons (they’ve been removed…we assume ABC’s copyright lawyers struck quickly), this was a story the blogosphere couldn’t ignore. Some highlights:

Televisionista called Columbia seniors “whiny, pretentious and snobbish,” capturing similar sentiments across the board. MollyGood weighed in with “How precious! Yet another protest! They’ve always been so successful and righteous in the past!”

Seriously? OMG! WTF? writes “I mean Columbia is a good school, but please it is not the top Ivy League for a reason and don’t get me started on their crappy football team”…proving that unintentional irony is the best kind. Just Jared, meanwhile, had little more to add, but wasted way too much time on Photoshop concocting the graphic we’ve displayed above-right.

After the jump: what Glamour, US, Gothamist & TV Guide had to say…

UPDATE: Word has it l’affair Fox made E!’s “Daily Ten” this evening, with harsh words for Columbia students – who nonetheless, they asserted, “love the Daily 10!”

The reaction on the mainstream gossip blogs has been more noteworthy for action in their comments, though Glamour‘s blog did manage to opine “we think the brainiacs should loosen up–and thank their SAT scores they didn’t get Ryan Seacrest on the bill.” The readers of US magazine quickly became distracted with some kind of unrelated speculation, though at least one commenter was on the ball, criticizing the site’s ignorance of proper Latin plurals: “Where did you get your journalism degree, DeVry?” Meanwhile, an astute commenter on Gothamist asked “how do you go from McCain to Fox, and not even Michael J. Fox?”

Among the 200+ comments on Oh No They Didn’t: “what a bunch of douche nozzles”…”these are the people that still talk about their SATs scores in their twenties”…”it drives me into murderous rage”…”he’s pretty. There goes my app for columbia”…and, um, what? “I love how Columbia students don’t read ‘the bwog’ but everyone else on the internets does.”

The pièce de resistance, however, was undoubtedly TV Guide‘s blog, where a debate unfolded among commenters. “Exactly what I’d expect from Columbia College, one of the most notoriously whiny, snobbish schools in the country,” wrote one, characteristically. What we think was a rebuttal:

“I just linked onto [Bwog] ready to really whip their butts and tell them they WERE being mean, and snobbish, and ill informed, and then I read the article – at least the beginning and the end – flipped thru the middle – and saw the quotes from the interview with Fox that also had given me pause for thought when I first read it (instigator, fighter, the need to shock people, etc etc)and I thought of how disappointed in Fox I was after reading it and that from this as a prospective he certainly didn’t look like someone for them to look up to…He didn’t come across as a role model to me after reading what he’d said, but I forgot it intentionally because I love him, and the show, BUT can see why they would hanker for someone else. Not a do as I say, not as I do speaker. Too bad. At face value they were WRONG but think about it, maybe they weren’t.”