A few items have come over the alias recently that we thought we’d share. To wit:

ericUniversity Senate candidate Eric Wang has scored again on the campaign publicity. Although his website seems to be inactive and posters alone don’t quite measure up to last year’s brilliance, somehow, it works.

One tipster unaccountably roaming Hamilton this week sighted an odd poster, calling for virgins to audition to be on a show in which they’d live in a house with porn stars and compete to lose their virginity to a porn star (or to all the pornstars?).  The company doing it is also responsible for some Paris Hilton video and something called “American Cannibal.” While Bwog doesn’t endorse such loose living, if you do elect to audition, please let us know how it goes.

According to an e-mail sent to the same tipster this week, one of our innumerable illustrious alumni has started a teeth-whitening company, and we are among the select students who get a special discount! Click here and enter the gift code 16865 for 25% off your shiny new smile. Now aren’t you glad you go to Columbia?

Bwog recieved a strange departure notice in its inbox this evening: some bureaucrat is leaving for better pastures, and the Office of the President saw fit to commemorate the event with an ALL CAPS ANNOUNCEMENT. Stranger still, the press release seems to have been verbalized in large part by President Bollinger himself, who found time to rehash the retiree’s credentials for some assiduous PR scribe. If for some reason you’re not on PrezBo’s mailing list, the e-mail is reprinted after the jump.



“Keith Walton, Executive Vice President and Secretary of the University, has decided to step down after more than ten years, effective March 7, 2007,” said Columbia President Lee C. Bollinger today.  “Keith has been a valuable member of Columbia’s senior staff, and he has renewed and invigorated Trustee governance in accordance with the best practices throughout the country, successfully taken on special projects of strategic importance to the University, and effectively reached out to the local, national and international community on the University’s behalf.”

Bill Campbell, Chair of the Board of Trustees, said, “We are sad to see Keith go, but feel a debt of gratitude for the more than a decade of outstanding service he has given on behalf of the Trustees.”

“Keith has matched his professional duties with a wide range of civic and charitable endeavors that make a difference in our community,” Bollinger continued.  “A graduate of Yale and of Harvard Law School, he joined the University immediately after serving four years in leadership roles at the United States Department of the Treasury under Secretaries Lloyd Bentsen and Robert Rubin.  We salute him for both his achievements and active citizenship.”

“I want to thank the Trustees for allowing me to serve,” Walton said. “Columbia is a remarkable place and I am grateful for both the challenges my role offered and my relationships with those with whom I have worked.”

“Keith will be available to the University for the rest of the academic year to advise the Trustees and the administration on trusteeship and governance matters,” Bollinger said. “Please join me in wishing Keith well.”