Spec is only running Monday and Wednesday on this sunny, gloriously action-packed midterm week. So in the absence of our usual morning recap, we present this motley roundup of completely unrelated miscellany…

  • roundup
    Behold the latest email from the CC ’09 class council, proving to seniors, perhaps, that they don’t have it so bad. The missive begins by observing “Wollstonecraft is a hotty,” and quickly goes downhill. A section  titled “Free Food Just Doesn’t Get Any Freer” describes the purchase and movement of the Broadway farmer’s market a few meters inside, to Lerner. To wit, soon will be your “Last Chance to SEXIFY” the student center. Add an announcement for a campus group J. Sachs project called GROCC, at least three misspellings, four instances of triple exclamation points, and three announcements copied and pasted from other emails. Coda? “BEST OF LUCK ON THE MIDDIES”. Beware, sophomores – it’s never too early to start worrying about Class Day.

  • You’ve probably only visited if you’ve taken the English department’s seminar on children’s literature, or if you’re a GS student with a full house. The rest of us, apparently, are missing out: Bank Street Bookstore was recently named by New York magazine as the best indie book vendor (well, for kids) in town. Come to think of it, where else would you find a place featuring picture books in Urdu, Vietnamese, and Bengali – not to mention an edition of “Winnie the Pooh”…in Latin?

  • Material on college sex finally running thin, the Daily News calls out Columbia students for throwing “narcissistic” parties. Which deadly sin will the tabloids tackle next week?

  • Meanwhile, Dartmouth students discover a new way to be bored…as if they needed it?