Aside from the lethal shooting of an NYU student, the burial of the kids and adults who didn’t make it out of that Bronx house fire, and about two days of above 65 degree weather, you didn’t miss much
in NYC. But at Columbia, on the other hand…just look at all of the exciting things that happened while you were gone:

The novelty of the Christmas decorations wore off halfway through the Yule Log bash, but the lights twinkled on for several snow-less months anyway. Yesterday, the holiday cheer was spotted bagged up and waiting for storage in Columbia’s musty attic until next year’s festivities.

Further down College Walk, a horde of baby journalists here for a Columbia Scholastic Press Association conference, wearing name tags and eager smiles, colonized Alma Mater. They’ve been crawling around campus all week. Go away!

And speaking of nuisances, Low Library is undergoing a “bird control project.” Luckily, the ugly scaffolding you may be able to see if you squint and look at the back of the photo at left, should be gone by tomorrow.