Post-It Self-Recrimination

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Jesus week starts today, kicking off five days of praise and prostration. This afternoon, Low Steps played host to easels on which passersby could at once declare and apologize for their direst sins. What do Columbia students feel sorry for?

jhg“for thinking I’m better than non-Ivy students”

“for coveting my friends’ money and looks”

“God led Bush to war”

“being a pretentious bastard”

“being a bitch sometimes”

“for hating you =)”

“ignoring the homeless guy”

“for treating women like objects rather than friends”

“for not being sorry”

“for judging homosexuals”

“lusting after women”

Bwog is sorry for a lot of things. We just cry in our rooms about them instead.

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  1. I am sorry  

    for being a student at the MPAA's single worst offender on its list of top 25 pirating universities.

    Just kidding, I am so fucking proud of Columbia today.

  2. Smartleby  

    I'm sorry that people are built to judge and immolate themselves like this. Imagine how much nicer the world it would be if people formed communities without the need for outsiders, or could live their lives without regret. But I suppose that's not how our species works right now. Plus priests would be out of business.

    Alas and alack.

    • why  

      certainly i would this love this world where we judge no one.

      please. self-criticism isn't such a bad idea. certainly too much can be a problem, but a little internal speculation is a good thing.

      after all, now that the kid knows that he is a 'pretentious bastard' (and i bet he really, really is) maybe he will change for the better.

  3. hmmm  

    did this have anything to do with those cultish-lookin folk out there a few minutes ago, screaming about Jesus? and did that have anything to do with the chabad dinner? i, for one, found it a titch tasteless/scary.

    • Sprinkles  

      And who were those two guys standing near the gates handing out books to people? I think it had something to do with meditation. Looked like a cult to me.

    • wow  

      actually, good point number 4. i do hope that was coincidence. but, monday of the holy week is an odd day for the passion play. sunday, thursday, or friday make a lot more sense. otherwise that's pretty offensive.

      clearly the jews are only a metaphor for those who killed christ. and christ is only a metaphor for karl marx, who himself was a jew turned christian.

      • listen fucknut

        they set up a PA on the steps that faced Low Library during the well advertised seder there. i don't give a shit much about either, it just seemed like strange timing. you don't see chabad doing the ten commandments in front of a cathedral on easter, now, do you?

        • hey  

          don't call me fucknuts. i mean, yea, it seems highly suspicious if you ask me. i certainly didn't connect it at the time. to me the kids didn't seem like columbia students though. they were a bit all very blonde, all very ugly, and all very young looking. i also am pretty sure i have never seen a single one of them.

          i wonder though why they were permitted to do their little passion play?

  4. it hurts  

    i have to self-immolate myself here www.lost.eu/37dfb it's the only place that does the trick

  5. Wow  

    I thought I was the only one who thought it coincided with Chabat. Hmm

  6. hrm  

    what group/organization is responsible for "jesus week?"

  7. Randomness  

    #5 is most likely a member of the group hosting the event considering their hostility to non christian religion, especially non western religion.

    Oh the event was a group called Spliter that does a dramatic reading of the Bible.

    Jesus Week is run by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, and other which may include, KCCC, CSFC, CCC, Asian Baptist Koeinma and others.

    • Sprinkles

      Uh, I think you've got the wrong number, buddy. I'm not hostile to any religion. I just want to know who were the cultish people pushing books on passing students. Calm down, STFU, and GBTW.

  8. umm  

    who gives a shit when they did this. why is everything a fucking conspiracy? shit. just go cry.

  9. to the person  

    whoever wrote "i'm sorry god led bush to war" get a life. seriously. lets blame the war on iraq on God. I fully acknowledge without Bush we might not be there, but what kind of a pretentious asshole typical columbia student writes something like that. get me the hell (haha) out of this school

  10. purple  

    "lets blame the war on iraq on God."

    Maybe sarcasm was the point, nitwit, and not that he really is blaming God.

    • Green... no red!  

      Of course it was sarcasm, but it's in very bad taste.

      Associating however many billion Christians there are with Bush's decision to go to war in Iraq is not only a low-blow, but outright dumb.

  11. Can somebody

    explain why this passion play was offensive[i didn't see it]? Do people really think the date was chosen to anger Jewish students? Quite an accusation. Or is this more quintessentially Columbia over-active PC-policing?

    • passion  

      plays aren't by themselves offensive. this however took place on low steps facing low library while a seder was going on inside. perhaps just poor timing but very poor timing indeed.

  12. i'm sorry  

    that i got into Columbia when there were other kids at my high school who were way more deserving

    i'm also sorry that i have somehow become a caloused, jaded asswhole in my 1st semester and a half of college. how'd it happed?

  13. quiqui  

    Is Jesus inherently inimical to Jews? Or vice versa? Then big fucking deal. The holidays happen to coincide. Neither has to cede the stage or pretend one groups holiday is more important than the other. (Although Easter is the most important Christian holiday of the year, of course).

  14. ivcf  

    hey I'm the president of IVCF and I helped organize this event. I just want to sincerely apologize to anybody who was offended by the timing of our re-enactment of the gospel of John. We don't in any way blame Jewish people for Jesus' death - in fact one of our most important goals is to build bridges with other religious organizations on campus. We also didn't want to harass students... only to create a place for people who are interested in Jesus' life to learn more and experience a fresh view of his life story. Also, we had no idea that there was a Passover seder scheduled to be held in Low Library for the same night at the same time. Again, we apologize if there was any disturbance to those celebrating Passover that night on campus. I wish a blessed Easter season to all and hope that you accept our apologies.

  15. dont  

    apologize. there us no need

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