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  • Bwog missed it while QuickSpecking, since the classic headline “Penn to Teach at Penn” ran under today’s College Briefs in the print edition only. “Sean Penn?” one student was overheard wondering. Not quite, and if seniors here are upset about Matthew Fox speaking on Class Day, we wonder what they’d think if Columbia signed the star of Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle and Van Wilder: Rise of Taj as an adjunct professor (okay, okay, he was in The Namesake too…and we’re still waiting for Fox to take on a similarly respectable role…)

  • We’re not going to go beyond providing the link: Radar‘s…saucy interview with Matt Sanchez

  • Dean Quigley, overheard leaving Low around 6PM yesterday: “One of my favourite* things in life is that time in between jobs.” Following in Zvi’s footsteps? Say it ain’t so, Austin…

  • Are the SDS, progenitors of the 1968 protests, on the rise again? We guess we won’t know for sure until attending tomorrow night’s meeting. Until then, we offer a synopsis of their logo from Bwog’s very own semiotician, reporting from the Hamilton stairs: “They appear to be lacking a sense of irony. The flyers have George Bush doing a clenched fist and ‘Is this what democracy looks like?’ — but then two inches away, the SDS fist logo, in almost exactly the same position.”

*We like to imagine he both thinks and speaks aloud in the spelling of the Queen’s English. -CJS

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  1. white castle  

    kal penn! he can rise his taj with me any day!!

  2. first bullet  

    Are you serious? This school lacks Asian American studies and Penn has just hired a qualified actor to teach an actual class, and all you can do is compare Penn to Fox?

  3. sean penn  

    I agree with all above remarks. Perhaps we can reach a compromise, though. Create an Asian American studies major, but have Kal Penn teach in the Physical Education division instead. Or maybe Chemistry. I know Indian people like to do science.

  4. IRONY  

    We're talking about Asian American studies and you just stereotyped Indian people.

  5. sean penn  

    Guys, please go easy on me. I dated Madonna, after all. And truly: I apologize. I know Kal Penn's Arab.

  6. but  

    the namesake was so good!

  7. sean penn  

    Agreed, But. The Namesake was an excellent flick. The cinematography, the song and dance numbers, very superbly made. But let me ask you this: was it as dazzling as "Cool Blue," in which I played Phil the Plumber?

  8. more gossip  

    Ashley Olsen was in M2M buying tea tonight. She was with her boyfriend and then she drove away in a black range rover with her bodyguard and driver.

  9. Sprinkles  

    Quiggles is a Geordie - Howay the lads!

  10. I think  

    AQ was referring to blowjobs. haha.

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