Housing Update: Sweet! Selection Times!

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For those of you bastards who aren’t trying to find off campus housing for two years because Wien blows, here’s your goddamn suite selection times.  Have a wonderful time next year with your kitchens, bathrooms, and common area, assholes, you “earned” it.  

Some blowhard calling himself (or herself) the God of Housing has posted a partial list of cutoff predictions on the housing bulletin board.  What thousands of students probably want from the Housing God is a new lease on life, or at least an explanation for why He works in such infuriating ways. But no, only stats and predictions.

For those who actually care about these things, Bwog asked Mr. Housing God to explain his methodology, which is reprinted after the jump.

 – DHI

“First, I did what I call quantity analysis. I listed all the available suites, grouping them according to their sizes (6-person, 5-person, etc). I listed the *original* number of each type of suite. I then calculated the number of suites *held out* of the lottery for various reasons. This allowed me to get the *true* number of suites. I aggregated these into the number of 6-person suites, 5-person suites, etc.

Second, I did the thing I call group analysis. I calculated the number of groups that entered into the lottery, specifying how many for each suite size (eg, 27 eight person groups). Then all I had to do was count down to the Xth group. For example, there were only 13 eight person suites available, so I counted down to the 13th group in the list of 27 eight person groups.

If you work through any particular example, you’ll get the same result as me. The only special tool you need is WordMetry.

I calculated these results purely because I was interested in whether I’d get my desired housing. The answer is yes. But of course, why not just spend a little longer (2hrs instead of 1) and do something useful for a whole lot of other students?




  1. LOL!!!

    You mean Bwog doesn't know who God_of_Housing is yet? C'mon, I expected better!

  2. Rising Soph  

    Hi I have a lottery number of 2999 and was wondering if it would get me into an EC single. Worst case scenario, I'm thinking about River, but hopefully I'll get that 20th floor single I wanted!

  3. ttan  


    GS Capital Partners...

    Has Tao Tan written all over this.

  4. ttan  

    This is the real Tao Tan, not that guy.


  5. Tao Tan  

    Has no fewer than 4 Blackberries

  6. ttan  

    fuck you both. i am the real tao.

  7. Isn't his name  

    Steve Estes?

    • secret  

      I think the style of writing is very similar to steve estes's. I never met him but I always read his postings and the style is super similar...being that he graduated if it is he who is posting he might be embarassed.

  8. steve estes  

    graduated. unless he still trolls on housing bulletin boards. sad but not completely impossible.

  9. c'mon bwog  

    you need " at the start of each paragraph of the quote

  10. ttan

    Fuck you all. I'm the real Tao Tan. And I'm posting from a BlackBerry.

  11. Off-campus

    in the hizzouse!

    That is all.

  12. wtf  

    i'm the real tao, now fuck off everyone.

  13. isn't GOH  

    someone named Xavier...and then his last name begins with an E or something.

  14. Xavier Estevez  

    Xavier Estevez?

    And anyway, why does that guy have a 3-character UNI? (xe1)

    • Xavier  

      Sorry folks; I'm not enough of a d-bag to call myself the God of Housing. I gave up on crunching that data once I figured out ECX. (That, and the irregular spacing confounded my grep-fu.)

      As for 'GS capital partners', that's not Tao Tan; he works for Lehman, and as a senior I doubt he'd waste his time on the housing numbers game.

      My 3-character UNI was given to me by the Lady of the Lake...

  15. Matt S.  

    Liars! I am Matt Schoenfeld. Don't give Tao Tan credit for my hard work.

  16. Anonymous  

    God_of_Housing is not and cannot be me because I have no idea how the housing system works, having never once participated in it.

  17. i think  

    its because his name begins with x. people with x and z begininng part of their name tend to have abc1 unis still.

  18. Matt S.  

    Tao, I'm going to have my rich parents buy and sell you! Don't you know how wealthy I am?

  19. i don't think so  

    unless he's embarrassed enough to fake two identities. which would be pretty pathetic.


  20. Stephanie

    Hey, if anyone still reads this at all, does anyone have a saved copy of the lottery number listing because i need it really badly cuz housing somehow lost my lottery registration and now is saying that i didn't register and have no housing. thx!

    you can email it to [email protected]


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