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sdfIn a nutshell: Associate Dean of Financial Affairs David Charlow, who deals with financial aid, is in the doghouse for having invested heavily in Student Loan XPress, which Columbia recommends to students for their loans. Here’s MSNBC coverage, and more from 1010 Wins. On campus, CTV got the story first, and Spec was hot on its heels (leaving Bwog pathetically in the dust).

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  1. pink  

    CTV News actually broke this story on Columbia's campus before Spec.


  2. does this mean  

    that we'll get money or something from columbia? probably not. so really i don't care so much i guess

  3. the best part  

    of this. guess who is in charge of evaluating cheating and academic dishonest complaints directed against seas students? i'll give you three guess.


    yep, david charlow!

  4. King of Spain  

    I love you Iscoe...you're the most awesomest Bwog editor ever!

  5. i think  

    it's matthew fox's fault

  6. ya the  

    CTV is a bastion of in-depth news.

  7. wowie zowie  

    columbia moves fast. he's no longer listed in the people search or on the financial aid website.

  8. pissed-off  

    F*ck David Charlow, always too-good-to-give-an-interview, I-banker wannabe motherf*ck*r. Can't say it shocks me from him: sitting there in his office, figuring out new ways to profit while grads end up in debt up to their eyeballs. Send that Enron *ssh*l* to pound-me-in-the-*ss minimum security federal prison. For life!

  9. JWeg  

    are we sure NYT didn't break this story?

  10. Thanks Charlow!  

    No wonder our financial aid program is not up to par with peer institutions! Columbia has to change that now. Thanks Charlow!

  11. close reading  

    It says they broke it "at Columbia," which I think is true.

  12. sheesh  

    as good as the guy last summer that got caught stealing student employees' identities and bank account info.

  13. the  

    NYTimes did a good job with it--of course, they care more than CTV or Spec about the other two schools. Seems like Charlow's the biggest crook out of the three! Sheeit!

  14. Protestors

    This loan bullshit is the sort of thing that should be protesting, instead of whining about the war.

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