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LectureHop: The Particulars Of Corruption

Every week, tons of speakers grace Columbia’s campus and make us all a bit smarter, which we chronicle in Bucket List. Corruption Cognoscente Amsal Lakhani went to “Maximizing Illicit Profits: Understanding How Corrupt Officials Choose How Much to Charge for Bribes,” on Thursday, and has a lot to say about it. Thursday’s lecture was prefaced by […]

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Bwoglines: Avoiding Shit By Being Careful Edition

Careful and delicate is the name of the game for the team opening up the 9/11 Memorial Museum soon. Many questions have arisen about how to best serve the community with the opening events surrounding the museum’s opening. (NYT) An international climate change panel warned the world yesterday that we need to be super duper careful […]

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Scandal Strikes CCSC 2016 Elections

The foundations of our democracy have been shaken. We have learned through an exhaustive investigation (a.k.a. accidentally being cc’d on an internal email) that the CCSC elections board is currently investigating one of the parties running for freshman student council for election law violations. What are the specific violations? Well, that’s tough for the Elections […]

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Bwoglines: Plausible Deniability Edition

“Am I celebrating 4/20? I’m not sure what you mean, officer.” “Fishermen? What fishermen? I didn’t see no fishermen…” (NPR) “Heroin? No, that’s not my heroin. Those kilos spontaneously appeared out of my 13th story window.” (NY Post) “Atlas Shrugged? Nope, never heard of it; I’m just going to nationalize this multinational oil conglomerate over here.” (NYT) “Corruption? We’re just […]

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Manhattanville Building Collapses, Killing Construction Worker

According to Columbia Public Safety, a building in the heart of Manhattanville collapsed this morning with a construction crew still inside. The collapsed structure, The Pearl Green building on 131st street, is located in front of the Columbia-owned Studebaker building, on the block between between Tuck-It-Away Storage and Fairway. In a brief email, Ricardo Morales, […]

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Bwoglines: Breaks and ‘byes Edition

New York Times foreign correspondent and two-time Pulitzer Prize winner Anthony Shadid passed away in Syria due to a severe asthma attack. (Columbia Journalism Review) Jon Stewart has temporarily cornered the market on late night satire. (New York Times) Corruption is everywhere. (The Guardian) Never take candy from strangers undercover cops. (AlterNet) Bunnies via Wikimedia […]

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Rangel “Violated Range of Ethics Rules”

Breaking news if you’re into this kind of thing: New York’s 27th congressional district will likely find earmarks a lot harder to come by soon, as a House investigative committee has found that longtime congressman and lord of Harlem Charles Rangel “violated a range of ethics rules.” The eighteen-month-long investigation was investigating whether the former […]

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AltSpec: What Goes Around Comes Around

Image via Stop panicking about lil’ piggy flu.  We’ve found a way to make it politically incorrect. The only reason we have a potential pandemic is all those corrupt doctors.  Free Viagra be damned, we want our vaccine! The 2013’s are signing away their souls (on Facebook).  Columbia has the fewest downsides—compared to Cornell. […]

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CCSC don’t compare

Whatever you may think of Columbia Student Councils, at least they’re reasonably clean. In comparison to NYU, almost anything would be–the College of Arts and Sciences is currently in the midst of a special election after the news broke that outgoing president Meredith Dolgin (whom Gawker called a “pompous ass”), having installed herself as head […]

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QuickSpec/CTV: FastBreakingNewsEdition

In a nutshell: Associate Dean of Financial Affairs David Charlow, who deals with financial aid, is in the doghouse for having invested heavily in Student Loan XPress, which Columbia recommends to students for their loans. Here’s MSNBC coverage, and more from 1010 Wins. On campus, CTV got the story first, and Spec was hot on […]

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Chung Slings Mud at Diamond Over “Secret Deal”

Having garnered seven big-name endorsements, including that of the Columbia Political Union, Michelle Diamond ’08 is widely considered the frontrunner in the upcoming CCSC elections. However, it is just those endorsements that have placed her and her party, One Columbia, under fire for accusations of wrongdoing. Rebel CC Presidential candidate Tracy Chung ’08 filed three […]

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