Happy Hole-y Week

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It’s always good to be an expert on something, even if that something is, well, nothing. Back in the day, during the Chad Crisis of the 2000 elections, Philosophy Professor Achille Varzi was apparently the go-to guy for insight into holes and what they’re all about. Brendan Ballou found a CNN transcript in which he gives his opinion about chads. Excerpt:


: These are the parts that have been removed from the doughnut before it became a doughnut. Now, of course, this is not the hole. The hole is what’s not there anymore.


: But doughnuts pale compare to ballots.

And that’s the least of it.



  1. Yay holes!  

    Now you guys can write a piece about the book by Louis Sachar and tag it with Holes, too!!!

  2. Never Forget  

    You should tag the Crackergate articles with Holes as well, as that featured prominently in the cryptic message on those hate care packages.

  3. rss  

    When you published this article, the previous 9 articles in your RSS feed were also mysteriously republished. This seems to happen every day or two. Get it fixed!

  4. "the hole story?"  

    Was he inspecting a piece of cheese while speaking? the inteview reads like moos just found him pondering holes somewhere. how amusing. as usual. good find bwog.

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