1. fraudsters!  

    you're just trying to get a review for your friend.

  2. i looked him up...  

    last semester and he was there

  3. it's a porn site  

    so it's good to know he's not on there

  4. ibanker  

    ahem bwog, can we get a NSFW warning?

  5. yes  

    Not Safe For Work?!

    More like



  6. How about  

    A not safe for butler warning too. The person next to me could have just got a shock had they not fortunately left just now.

  7. Robert Walpole  

    To be fair, the person sitting next to you is most likely a moron.

  8. j-j-janet  

    This was utterly unacceptable. I expect decency and morals from you, Bwog, not depraved to corrupt the children who come on this site, in a pitiful attempt to make a joke.

    I have sent an email to ABC and dean Columbo, and I expect to see you shut down. I expected better from a "news source."

  9. st leibowitz  

    I can't believe you put this site up during easter! this website is profoundly offensive to the significant Christian population at columbia, especially since YOU KNOW so many of us choose to give up porn during lent. this post is so shockingly insensitive and nearsighted...I feel I must complain on an online forum in order to express the OUTRAGE my spoiled and righteous self is feeling right now. Yeah, why don't you just tell us Christians all the way into the colosseum and get eaten by lions?

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