Fun with Fabric Paints

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ohygFrom now until 7:00 PM, you can make a t-shirt about your feelings around sexual assault on the Lerner Ramps, as well as pick up some cool buttons and lolly pops, courtesy of the Clothesline Project. Take Back the Night is putting on the paint-fest to raise awareness for their march, going off next Thursday, April 19, at 8:00 PM. 

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  1. wahoo  

    everyone should go to the march. I've been there two years in a row and it is an unbelievable experience


    I hear the girls there are really easy

  3. f-word  

    This Take Back the Night brand of early-90s 'Feminism' is obsolete. The premise of the event is noble enough, but its execution thaws the enthusiasm of centrist types for the cause of women's civil rights. I'm an abortion-loving, gay-approving, won't-leer-at-lesbians-kissing, (date)-rape-negative, sex-positive, Nancy-Pelosi-hugging liberal, but there are still maudlin, joyless, vaginal-orgasm-denying types in the feminist movement who scare away potential allies in the liberal and moderate mainstream, so while I believe in the cause, I'll be at Nacho's instead that night, looking for a consensual blowjob from one of your less principled sisters.

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