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shfdA commenter let us know about Spectator‘s housing coverage blog this morning, and we’ve been anxiously checking since. They’re sending up live updates from John Jay lounge on what’s gone, what’s still available, and some funny shit people have said in  their panics. So, rather than sitting there on our butts all day ourselves, we’ll let Spec‘s superior manpower bring you dispatches from housing hell. Although we’ll miss the Famous Amos.

Ooh look, Woodbridge’s doubles are all still up for grabs…


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  1. justine  

    the link to the spec housing blog is busted.

  2. hmm  

    well done, spec. you certainly "shafted" bwog this year. but the design needs work. who wants to go back up to the top of a post to see comments?

  3. anyone know  

    what lounge is pictured second from the left on the banner?

  4. alex peacocke  


  5. I stopped reading.  

    I could tell the Shaft was full of shit when I read this:

    "The real question on Shaft’s mind is how many seniors will degrade themselves to live in exclusion suites facing limited options tomorrow."

    Clearly Spec's housing reporter hasn't had the pleasure of visiting an occupied ECX double.

    • ...  

      umm, "the shaft" isn't saying there's anything wrong with ECX doubles... they're just saying it would be crazy for seniors to want to live there.

      • Hat-Eater  

        Looks like I owe the shaft an apology. Apparently a bunch of rising seniors are dumb, and decided that they wouldn't mind living in 173sf doubles when they can get almost as much space as a single.

        A few rising juniors with good numbers (and seniors with bad numbers), will have a few nicer rooms to pick in General thanks to these dopes.

  6. Matt S.  

    I have an EC exclusion suite to myself. That's because I'm excluding all of you "normals" who aren't good enough to live with Matt Schoenfeld!

  7. aaarg  


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