1. Not On Campus

    What kinda wares are being hawked in the VV tent?

  2. wow  

    that 'sex column' was really, really lame, this kid is a tool

  3. wait...wtf  

    the "ugly lights" concept is a tired joke, already used by SNL when Jennifer Garner hosted a couple of years ago. Everytime the lights turned on after last call Jennifer Garner turned into Fred Armisen. Ha. Ha. It's been done.

  4. updates  


  5. poor  

    What does the article about the South Asian have to do with the state of Rajasthan? None of the acts mentioned have anything to do with Rajasthan, which is a state in India with a specific culture, which as far as I can tell, was not reflected in the Tamasha show. If the headline is meant to be a play on with "From Russia with Love", (why??) surely Bwog can do better.

  6. Dear Bwog  

    I think you suck on Mondays. Every Monday, your variety of posts is lame and you are not funny. Why is this?

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