Free Ben and Jerry’s!

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sfgsPut a pen in your shirt pocket, strap on a laptop case, and head over to the B-School lobby where the new E-board is doling out the B&J — there’s something like 8 flavors to choose from! This agonized Bwog editor broke Passover for the Oatmeal Cookie Crunch.

Also, free hot dogs on Low Steps, courtesy of CCSC–it’s a College Days thing, so they’re also selling nifty blue shirts featuring PrezBo’s benevolent visage, accented by a pink tie.


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  1. actually  

    the Prezbo shirts are cc 08, as are the hot dogs..

  2. Gobias Industries  

    I think you mean "oatmeal cookie chunk". Way to fact-check.

  3. omgz  

    gob, have my babies.

  4. i'm afraid  

    this offer comes off the table at midnight.

    (that may be the worst bluff i've ever seen.)

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