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Someone who must truly adore the sculpture Tight Rope Walker (on the bridge over Amsterdam) has placed a mattress spraypainted with the words “Just in Case” beneath (thanks to Noam Harary for the photo). Bwog guesses that, after thirty years without a spotter, the spindly statuettes can finally relax.

Unless they fall in, um, any other direction…


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    BILL GATES IN SPACE...Space..space

  2. this is the only  

    cool statue on campus. columbia should commission sculptures from its students! something human size and on the ground, without a pedestal would be nice near butler.

  3. frumph  

    I love that sculpture too...though I've not gone farther than snapping pictures. heheh

  4. Dems

    had elections tonight, didn't they? Where are the winner, bwog?

  5. ---  

    CUSJ has gone too far this time.

  6. Wait  

    Is Jester behind this one too?

  7. The Dink  

    that mattress has been there for 3 days

  8. FUCK!  


  9. sore back  

    what a waste of a good mattress. i could've used that because columbia dorm mattresses suck.

  10. tipz  

    someone should take a picture of the mcdonalds ad in dodge and put that up here. i just noticed it. pretty absurd.

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