Hey Gumshoes!

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Figure out who’s posting the jaws around campus? This pair was spotted above the scaffolding from EC to Revson Plaza, and it’s starting to get unnerving.


Friday afternoon edit: We noticed a plastic container in Lerner lobby bearing a poster covered in similarly orthodontic motifs. It also has a sign that asks passersby to donate “literature for prisoners.” Teeth molds = non sequitur advertising for charitable effort?

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  1. The Dink  

    Those, like the mattress, have been up all week. C'mon, Bwog, get on top o' dis!

  2. yeah  

    Bwog was so much better a year ago. It had all the latest news about housing. It was updated far more frequently. And things were posted very very quickly, almost as soon as they started happening.

    These days, Bwog has been trounced by the Spec on housing updates. Posts are infrequent, and are often made after a good deal of people have already found out about something.

    It seems like the editors are getting lazy. Bwog is no longer on the leading edge of gossip. To Bwog: do something about it!

  3. shira  

    the coolest placement was when there were some on the wall above one of the main stairways in butler. it was up so high! I wonder how they got it up there.

  4. tipster  

    I told bwog about the one near Butler almost two weeks ago! You guys are slipping...it's probably because the biggest campus news this spring has been weird orthodontic art. It's hard to get excited about that compared to a good ol' fashioned hate crime incident or grad student strike! Rutgers has all the controversy, and we're left with only $400 million!

  5. assapopoulos  

    it's probably some kind of hate crime.



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