1. umm  

    you guys need to work on some of those links....

  2. anon  

    it looks like they actually posted a draft of the editorial (see last two paragraphs). weirdos

  3. Umm...  

    Staff Editorial on the VT Shooting Response Not There

  4. mr. bananagrabber  

    Hey look, a seagull!

  5. virginian  

    i'm really glad they wrote that editorial, though. i am disappointed that we haven't heard anything from bollinger and that it took so long to announce our resources, etc.

    still think bollinger should say something.

  6. quiqui  

    And how about the letter to the editor about Columbia's responsibility to inform its students of basic, national news events that anyone living in the nation's largest metropolis should obviously have heard about simply by being constantly surrounded by all types of media?

    But, apparently Butler library has spawned its own breed of urban hermits, completely cut off from mainstream metropolitan communication: "One of our friends, also a student at Columbia and currently living on campus, still did not know about the events. She was sitting in Butler Library completely clueless."

  7. G.O.B.  

    I never should've given up animation rights.

  8. gobias industry  

    victory is mine. with club sauce.

  9. AAARGH  


  10. But what about  

    YOUR MOM is the new Felipe Tarud

  11. Wakka wakka wakka  

    I guess you could call Chiquita's funding of paramilitary groups a bit of a SLIP UP! Although the petition lacks a certain apPEAL! Sorry, all these protests drive me BANANAS! Looks like it's time for me to SPLIT!

    • funny  

      That is amazing. A slight reassurance that humanity still has hope amidst todays's 170 killed Iraqis and a major blow to abortion rights.

    • yeah  

      I wonder if they considered the death TALLY when funding these people in a dangerous REPUBLIC. I wonder, is their leadership too GREEN to know any better, or too YELLOW to stand up to these groups? The head of Chiquita LOOKS LIKE A PENIS in this incident.

  12. B-A-N-A-NA-anas!  

    Dude, screw that. I'm still going to buy the delicious fruit of Chiquita, even though I'm well aware of how they pretty much controlled Central America back when they were United Fruit.

    Gwen Stefani would be proud.

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