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1)  Finding the Columbia search engine less efficient than manually locating wanted pages? Google through all of the columbia.edu pages here.  It works like a dream.

2) Cents and insensitivity:  Moneycontrol India asks whether Indian students may be deterred from studying in the U.S. following the massacre at Virginia Tech.  Columbia’s cited.

3)  The beacon of hope and UN Millenium Villages frontman, Jeff Sachs, may be drinking from a quarter-full glass.  In this BBC lecture, the future looks bleak.

4)  CUAssassins…is over!  The Commissioners write, “The game lasted a whopping 55 days, but congratulations are in order for team C-Unit for coming in first place, team OB GYN Kenobi for coming in second place, and Agent MCPants of the team C-Unit for assassinating 17 of the rest of you.” 

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  1. capture the flag  

    CUassasins payback time?
    i thinkso.

  2. wow  

    from the moneycontrol article:

    'Nanda adds, "Columbia is a very different sort of campus. We were joking about this incident like, “That’s down South.” '

    girls: you don't joke about things like this, and you certainly don't use it to perpetuate crude regional stereotypes.

  3. google search  

    alternatively, you can just go to the normal google page and add "site:columbia.edu" to the search terms.

    • Or,  

      If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can add Google University to your search bar (click on the search bar, then 'Manage Search Engines...', then 'Get more search engines...'). You'll be taken to a page where you can search for 'Google University'. Add it, and it should automatically search through Columbia.

      Firefox FTW!

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