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While Bwog enjoyed the sunny weather on such a splendid day, several things also caught our attention:

  • Bacchanal
    festivities coincided with today’s, er, other special celebrations, including Battle of the Bands, a much-too-limited barbecue, a moonwalk, and a sorority-sponsored “munchies” sale. Columbia’s beloved mascot was also spotted roaming about (pictured to the right), giving hugs and shaking hands with the chilled-out student crowd around College Walk.  In the meantime, pre-frosh were abundant for SEAS Days on Campus. Talk about hyperbolic advertising.
  • Bwog reader Alex Port brings us news that the Joseph Urban stage models on the third floor of Butler (which have been there for ages) have been removed. What will the Butler treasure chest reveal to us next? Perhaps Robert Moses models instead?
  • As if the to-be-built Northwest Science Building weren’t enough, the J-School plans on doing some construction of its own. The Stabile Student Center is scheduled to open in Fall 2007, complete with café space, outdoor seating, and a glass enclosure. Glass is all the rage in these parts, it seems…
  • Since we’re on the theme of architecture: SEAS Class Day speaker Santiago Calatrava has designed a 2,000-foot tall Chicago tower that could trump every other building in America. Daaamn. [Insert “ivory tower” joke here.]
  • Spectator‘s most recent multimedia project happens to be on the arrest of  Robert Williams, although it seems a bit New York Post-ish for the Spec’s image. Really, “Perp Walk,” guys?

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  1. umm  

    what are you talking about? do you even know what a perp walk is?

    here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perp_walk

    i'd say it's pretty damn accurate.

  2. yeah  

    but how is it sensationalist?

  3. i love  

    that the post says "Just our opinion." because when I read that I thought "yea and every bwog reader's opinion too...within maybe 12 hours max"
    oh columbia, how predictable can you be.
    (is that a new trend on posts? i like it and am taking it up)

  4. frumph  

    Um...am I the only one that thinks Roar-ee's shorts are too tight?

  5. news  

    Sorry, Calatrava's tower in Chicago isn't really news at this point. I remember seeing an article on it a couple summers ago.

  6. free association  

    Ayn Rand
    Atlas Shrugged
    Chris Shrugged
    Chris Kulwalik
    Bill O'Reilly

  7. speaker

    Question, is there going to be a speaker at the university graduation on the 16th?

  8. Anonymous  

    Hey Bwog!

    Give On Religion some of that good 'ol Urinetown love. It sold out last night.

  9. hmm  

    must have been dan okin

  10. Stabile  

    Are they going to vacate the Furnald single that will look out into the Stabile cafe?

  11. why  

    no holi coverage? it was awesome

  12. Anonymous

    Did anyone read this? http://www.matt-sanchez.com/matt_sanchez/2007/04/take_back_the_n.html
    Matt Sanchez gets mad because Columbia students wanted to arrest the rapist.

    • how stupid  

      can you be. The article criticized members of the ISO who called the manhunt/arrest "racial profling." What a crappy little troll you are.

      • Anonymous

        That's not what the article says at all.

        "In the following days, students who typically call for the end to profiling and accuse the "pigs" of racism were insisting the police act to capture the rapist."

        • yo steve  

          Out of context that sentence could support either you or that other person.

          • Anonymous  

            Read the article. Bottom line: Sanchez uses the rape to slam the ISO and Take Back the Night.

            In Sanchez's words: "Almost everyday, on College Walk, members of the International Socialist Organization (ISO) set up a small table and aggressively flag passing students down to talk to them about how racist the NYPD are. Every year students at Columbia University, and across the country, participate in the Take Back the Night March an event that promotes itself with pictures of bananas and underwear and the slogan "Got Consent?".

            Question: What do these two movements have in common?

            Answer: A complete refusal of reality."

          • Anonymous

            "The article criticized members of the ISO who called the manhunt/arrest "racial profling."

            The article never made claim that the ISO called THE manhunt racial profiling, he slammed them for their TYPICAL outcries of profiling. He was saying he was surprised that Columbia students were asking the NYPD to arrest the suspect, since the ISO cries out against police brutality and profiling. You can't equate the ISO 's stance to Take Back the Night. Because ISO gets angry about police actions, Take Back the Night makes no such statement about the police.

            Plus that quote that you pulled was a revised version that he posted. In my opinion it is no less ridiculous.

          • Anonymous  

            Usually when I disagree with Sanchez, I at least can respect his writing. But that post of his is unworthy of any respect. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Stephen.

  13. wow  

    that matt sanchez post deserves bigger mention. if jeffrey hunter northrop XIV merits a post, this guy's begging for more.

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