1. jesus christ  

    do you guys have an editor or simply someone who can point out the idiotic mistakes in your writing? i mean, thankfully it doesn't occur too often but lately it's been bad.

    • Ah!  

      Calm the fuck down. Clearly we can all understand what's being expressed. Do you really read Bwog for fine prose?

    • ugh  

      what do you guys want, rapid fire information or fine-tooth editing? given the size of bwog's staff, they're kind of mutually exclusive. some stuff is well-written and edited, but late. other stuff is instantaneous, but awkwardly phrased. get over it.

  2. werd

    "waiting online to signing housing contracts" sounds like language from contract.

  3. Ugh

    I spat in the chocolate fountain. Enjoy!

  4. YES  

    That chocolate fountain made my week! You can't really complain when you can walk around campus and find free food and free chocolate fountains around every corner.

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