sfsfThe Chicano Caucus has just issued a statement regarding the verdicts on the seven stage rushers (will this story never end?), endorsed by four other cultural groups plus SPEaK, declaring that the group “must conclude that bias affected the decisions.” It’s considerably more diplomatic than Karina & Co.’s hit piece, but makes no bones about what it means to censure two Chicano students and let the white kids off easy.

Also in cultural group news: United Students of Color Council elections are tonight (Tuesday). So are CPU elections.  And Student Organization of Latinos, and Barnard Organization of Soul Sisters. Guess you’re not supposed to hold positions in any of those at the same time…

UPDATE, Tuesday, 1:45 PM – Elections have been shifted around to not conflict. BOSS elections will take place tonight at 9:00 PM, SOL on Friday at 6:00, and USCC next Monday at 7:00. CPU elections took place last night.

Statement Regarding the Minutemen Protesters 


It has come to the attention of Chicano Caucus that the long-awaited decision of the disciplinary proceedings against the Minutemen Protesters has recently been issued by the University. In response to the Minutemen event, the Chicano Caucus organized the protest along Broadway, outside of the auditorium. As we organized this greater protest, and we carried the voice of those most adversely affected by the Minutemen’s cruelty, we are indisputably implicated by the University’s proceedings. Therefore, it is our obligation as an organization to pay close attention to the outcome of this controversial event. We are deeply concerned with the most recent developments.  

Of the seven implicated students, three students received censures and the remaining four were given disciplinary warnings. Two of these students are invaluable members of our organization. Both received censures. With the addition of the third censured student, many of us in the Columbia community have noted a pattern: the Latino students were punished, and the rest were warned. As a result of the lack of transparency in the administration’s adjudicating process, this is the conclusion we have been forced to make.   

Although the University’s primary complaint against the protesters was their presence on the stage, Chicano Caucus member Martín López never set foot on said stage. Additionally, though he perpetrated no aggression against the presenters, he was kicked in the head once by a Minutemen supporter, and a second time by a prominent member of the College Republicans. In spite of the fact that this violence was filmed and nationally broadcasted by Univision, it has gone unaddressed publicly by the University.  

In light of this violence and the lack of transparency in the disciplinary process, we have no choice but to call for an explanation from the Administration. Until the University has provided us an adequate account of the reasoning behind their actions, the Chicano Caucus and its allies must conclude that bias affected the decisions. 

The Chicano Caucus 


Endorsed by: 

Asian American Alliance

Muslim Student Association


Student Organization of Latinos