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Photo Contest Winners: This is how we do it

Well, we didn’t get quite as many answers for the tougher theme of “how-to,” but the ones we got are worth posting anyway. Consistent contributor Suselina Acosta, C ’07, pulled it out with the photo below, entitled “how to pour a 4-in-1 bottle of wine (two hands).” Our theme for this week: COLUMBIA SPRING FASHION EXTRAVAGANZA. Go crazy. And see runners up after the jump. 


#2: Ryan Harte, C ’08, “Winged victory of Samothrace” and “Venus star” (must be viewed in combination to fit the theme)




#3: Suselina Acosta, C ’07, “Origami”


#4: Anonymous, C ’09, “Dance Lessons”


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  • ummm says:

    @ummm the first photo is good… the rest kinda suck

    1. yep says:

      @yep Agreed, the rest of the photos are horribly bad.

    2. unprofessional says:

      @unprofessional Yeah, these are simply atrocious pictures, with or without LV.

  • Sigh says:

    @Sigh Once again, Bwog makes me sad. And yes, I blame Bwog. People don’t kill people, guns do. And that goes for blogs too.

  • whatever says:

    @whatever that is really mean! I feel sorry for her, I would totally get a nose job.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous I don’t get it. I think she looks lovely.

      1. they says:

        @they the nasty posters know she is too, but because of jealousy/idiocy/misogyny they clearly need to make a big show of denying it.

        1. Dude says:

          @Dude Look at her mouth–she looks like a fuckin’ freak. Like some primeval bug gobbling lizard.

          What’s funny is how hard she’s trying hard to look hot in that picture. Obviously she’s read a ‘show off her good side’ article in Cosmo or something.

  • meanwhile, says:

    @meanwhile, all but the #1 photo pretty much suck. and the first shot looks like it was just a happy accident.

  • I KNOW! says:

    @I KNOW! She is not the most attractive woman but I’d still screw her if I was drunk.

  • wow says:

    @wow that’s not funny. at all.

  • yall says:

    @yall are dicks.

  • amazing says:

    @amazing Tommy, Bunny and Vasteez. Way to go guys!

  • Spanish Jose says:


    1. and in reply to #6 says:

      @and in reply to #6 some people are just haters

      1. Haters? says:

        @Haters? Dude, you need to get out of campus a little more… if that is what you think hot looks like. Jesus. She looks like she crawled out of the east river

        1. dude says:

          @dude dude…you’re posting about how hot people are on the fucking bwog. who needs to get out of campus more?

  • Poor Liz says:

    @Poor Liz She tries so hard to look hot.

    1. poor? says:

      @poor? why poor liz? if she tries, she tries successfully…

      1. Specs says:

        @Specs You’d better get your specs checked, buddy.

  • Who says:

    @Who comes up with these categories?!?

  • Yayyyyy says:

    @Yayyyyy Good job!

  • nice says:

    @nice well-judged. I would have done the same…although the venus one is somewhat crude and out of place. samothrace stands by itself…excellent!

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