As Columbia student groups discover technology, we give you the best of their efforts.

It’s a whole new world for the Dems, reenergized after their elections last month. According to new president Josh Lipsky, next year the group will be putting on three to five events per week, as well as creating dozens of new “umbrella groups” on  issues from gay marriage to civil liberties. As part of its hip new image, the new administration has put together a promotional video for its arm wrestling contest next Thursday, featuring the other President Flaxman rocking a tight superhero shirt. “If we, as activists, have to act ridiculous to get people to care about Iraq, then that’s what we’ll do,” declares Elvis-costumed Public Affairs director Jonathan Backer.

Um, good luck kids. 


On a more serious note, Asian American Alliance’s incoming president Calvin Sun (who’s going to be busy next year–he’s also Michelle Diamond’s replacement as CC ’08’s Vice President) alerted us to two short videos he directed on eating disorders among Asian Americans. With quickly cut together interviews of AAA members, they’re an interesting window on body image problems specific to that group, although the abstract photomontage at the end was a bit much. Part one here, part two here.