ihihLooks like there may be more kids lighting up outside Butler soon–if ESC gets its way, smoking will be prohibited in all suites, the last step in a process that began two years ago with the banning of smoking in corridor-syle housing. ESC passed a resolution tonight (14 in favor, 0 against, and 5 abstaining) saying as such, which outgoing president Dan Okin says originated from “student concerns.” He’s also been in touch with the relevant adminisitrators–Herman Matte of Dining Services and Kevin Shollenberger of Student Affairs, to name a few–who he says “will move forward if the students call for it.”

But are they calling for it? CCSC discussed the proposal at their meeting Sunday night, and decided to recommend no change until the councils get a better read on student opinion (in 2005, 51% of students polled wanted smoking banned in all residences).  VP Policy Izumi Devalier noted that, unlike the previous change, banning smoking in suites would leave smokers with no alternative but to feed their habit in the cold. She added that the vast majority of the CCSC e-board doesn’t smoke.

Bwog’s bet: anything that happens will be because admin wanted it anyway. Sad, but true.