What? You’re not already sick of the amateur parodies of SNL’s “Special Christmas Box” that have been pollinating YouTube for months? You want to see law students pretend they have an iota of creativity by donning fake beards and Orthodox Jewish outfits to present you with boxes full of…Bagels with Lox? That’s the theme of the featured hit for this year’s Law Revue (get it?), “A Special Finals Care Package” (keep them coming…)

For those who haven’t caught on, the Revue is a sort of V-Show equivalent bred among the huddled masses yearning to breathe free in Jerome Greene’s claustrophobic library (Bwog enjoys waving to them enroute to EC, hoping to get some response). This year’s title (referencing said library, and indicating writers who just can’t seem to pun enough): “Arthur Diamonds are Forever”.