Photo Contest Winners: Columbia Couture

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Bwog received an encouraging number of colorful entries for our Columbia Spring Fashion Extravaganza contest. This week’s winner was Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, whose successful submission is displayed below. We hope you eager photobwoggers will keep them coming for our next theme, just in time for finals: LIBRARY CARREL DECOR. Finally, your chance to expose Butler’s most bombastic little bivouacs. Don’t forget to title your submissions.

1. Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, “Old Woman With Flower Hat and Puckered Face”

The rest of the best are after the jump…

2. Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, “Waterfight Girls”

3. Emily Wilson C ’10, “Much Ado About Nothing”


4. Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, “Black and White Hat”


5. Suselina Acosta C ’07, “White Shoes”


6. Sumaiya Ahmed C ’09, “Models on the Steps”


7. Suselina Acosta C ’07, “Skirt”





  1. mmm  

    Max Talbot owns... doesn't hurt that he uber hot.

  2. how  

    did waterfight girls not win?

    and an observation, apart from my original question, those girls have amazing abs dont they? i need to start hitting the gym! its already summer...

  3. hey  

    i know daryl. way to be

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