Bwog received an encouraging number of colorful entries for our Columbia Spring Fashion Extravaganza contest. This week’s winner was Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, whose successful submission is displayed below. We hope you eager photobwoggers will keep them coming for our next theme, just in time for finals: LIBRARY CARREL DECOR. Finally, your chance to expose Butler’s most bombastic little bivouacs. Don’t forget to title your submissions.

1. Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, “Old Woman With Flower Hat and Puckered Face”

The rest of the best are after the jump…

2. Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, “Waterfight Girls”

3. Emily Wilson C ’10, “Much Ado About Nothing”


4. Max Talbot-Minkin C ’07, “Black and White Hat”


5. Suselina Acosta C ’07, “White Shoes”


6. Sumaiya Ahmed C ’09, “Models on the Steps”


7. Suselina Acosta C ’07, “Skirt”