1. Yuck

    Yuck, I wouldn't want to put my dick in anything involving the NYC subway.

    Plus, what if they were made by MYA workers?

  2. advice....  

    I hear these condoms break easily so watch out!

  3. heybwog  

    Nothing on the Senator Gravel thing?

  4. hell yes  

    thanks for the hot tip! now i don't have to waste money on souvenirs

  5. yeah...  

    yep, the condoms are made by lifestyles, not the MTA (or MYA)

  6. rumor?

    if you use the nyc condom late at night, you'll only come once every 45 minutes...

  7. Favorite

    Favorite brand of subway rapists everywhere

  8. Also  

    available: NYPD Condoms. Only sold in "Nightstick-length" size.

  9. SEAS  


  10. hey now  

    the condoms are made by lifestyles. they're the same ones given you by health services.

  11. well  

    i'd do addison anderson. just sayin'.

  12. HaHa  

    I'd do him, too. On a bed, on his parent's bed when they're at home, on the stove, on top of the washer while it's running, on top of Bollinger's desk, on top of a moving uptown 1 train and,finally--my favorite!--on top of a trampoline.

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