Vandalism Week — Three’s a Trend

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paintbutlerTaking the tempera to the walls of McIntosh just wasn’t enough to satisfy a (few) vandal(s). A tipster alerted Bwog to the brightly colored trails currently on the scaffolding at the south side of Butler Library. The tipster speculated students (who else?) could have heaved paint out of the top floor windows. 

Bwog is unsure when this happened — we could have missed this for months now — but judging by the poor, now turquoise tree (below) we’d say the marks are pretty fresh.


– SEV 

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  1. might  

    be a bias incident. let's get on the case.

  2. Tree Studies

    I am going to author a study demanding that our Interdisciplinary Tree Center be given the power to hire tenure track professors

    • The Lorax  

      I'm a spokesman for the trees.

      It's a well-known fact that the trees have no tongues, and I'll not have you speaking for them. In fact, I'm asking you sir, at the top of my lungs, to stop making a mockery of the tree situation on campus.

  3. Co-Author

    The decimation, nay GENOCIDE, of our elm trees has been one of the greatest tragedies of the 2oth century. And still, people deny that it happened. We must build a museum of tolerance--no, a museum of Tree-lerance so that we might never forget.

  4. For shame

    Christmas is the greatest tragedy of all. The senseless slaughter and desecration of our pine trees. I weep, friends, I weep for you.

  5. really  

    i'm shocc-ed...just shocc-ed

  6. Come on you guys  

    Take this fluff piece seriously and stop making jokes.

    Or make your jokes more explicit, so someone can do the obligatory, "Rar, I am offended" comment.

    • Okay

      I don't think it's fair that a Monkey Puzzle tree can be planted on campus with only a 20-40-20 fertilizer mix, while an Asian pine needs to maintain a soil pH of at least 6.5 to live.

  7. let's end this war  

    let's end this war. i demand a tree-ty.

    i entreet you.

  8. man  

    that's a stupid joak.

  9. John L  

    All I am saying is give trees a chance.

  10. We will

    We will be heard from the Tree-tops to the tingling fibers of our roots... every acorn, every seedling, sapling, sprig or stump- treet us with dignity!

  11. Seriously...  

    in addition to furthering the vadalism on campus discussed on the earlier posts comments, this is an example of how students at this fucking campus dont care about the environment.
    For somewhat self-proclaimed uber-liberals why dont you act like trees matter? When youre coming up with these "radical" actions to protest the lack of hipster irony in government or the lack of temporary-im-full-of-shit-and-act-like-im-three-and-make-forts-with-sheets-public-spaces, why dont you try and keep old mother nature in the picture as well
    as i dont mean paint her and act like shes a part of the art by any means

  12. Benedict Arnold  

    This tree-son can't go unpunished. Where is Bollinger?

  13. the Man  

    Yay for the Lorax/Seuss reference!!!

  14. i love bwog!  

    but i cant stand all the vi-tree-ol

  15. I I I I I

    I en-tree-t you, free speech uis what binds our campus. And our shade trees

  16. the core!

    a curse on those who painted the tree, much like the curse on the house a-tree-ides

  17. wow  

    these comments are tree-mendous.

  18. Did  

    someone actually have sex WITH or ON the tree to make the "Bored at Butler" tag valid?

  19. Maybe  

    if the tree had a GREEN CARD it wouldn't be the subject of so much hatred.

  20. Atree-tion

    This is turning into a war of atree-tion

  21. lollerskates  

    I'm going to alert Students United for Treeth and Justice! They'll get to the bottom of this!

  22. Umm  

    Treeth? Seriously, you're really scraping the bottom there.

  23. Maybe

    Maybe we should branch out then... too many people think of us as just a bunch of oak dealers

  24. A gesture

    This has been a gesture of futili-tree

  25. Cam  

    Oh, finals week.

  26. colors  

    those colors are pretty. i hope they don't clean the scaffolding.

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