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This Thursday, we received an anonymous tip alerting us to an act of vandalism committed by GSAS student and Introduction to Experimental Physics lab TA Andrey Vlasov. This tip included a screenshot of an email sent by Vlasov to his lab class. In the email, Vlasov stated that he tore down a rainbow sticker reading, […]

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Hate In Carman

Early this morning, Bwog received several tips about ongoing vandalism to the Carman 13 bulletin board. The board’s decorations in honor of Trans Awareness Month have been destroyed a total of four times now. It is unclear how many people are responsible for the vandalism. In response to the destruction of the first three bulletin boards, […]

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Village Copier was broken into within the last hour. Multiple tipsters have confirmed that the glass door has been shattered. There are currently six cops milling about 112th and Broadway who couldn’t confirm what happened when a Bwogger stopped by. Eerily similar to that time a few months ago when a drunk dude smashed the door […]

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Bwog spotted many new and slightly wondrous things this week… New and fruity sandwiches at JJ’s. New and fruity Westside samples! Almond butter with mixed berries and creamy strawberry dip. Rickshaw Dumpling truck at 116th St and Broadway. This mysterious new ‘Fast Food’ truck. Uni café actually open. Vandalism. What IS up with 2014?? Dosa […]

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Spotted by the Package Center:  

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Taking the tempera to the walls of McIntosh just wasn’t enough to satisfy a (few) vandal(s). A tipster alerted Bwog to the brightly colored trails currently on the scaffolding at the south side of Butler Library. The tipster speculated students (who else?) could have heaved paint out of the top floor windows.  Bwog is unsure […]

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Spec is reporting that Matt Brown and Stephen Searles, of the homophobic and antisemitic graffiti, were slapped on their spray-painting wrists today at their court hearing (this time, they decided to show up). Bwog noticed a few things: – Searles’ counselor, Simone Gordon, is a mitigation expert and sensitivity trainer at Yeshiva University, home to […]

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Oh, you wild seniors, you. How many times must you be warned? You made them so mad that she forgot about subject-verb agreement. Read her letter after the jump.

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