Wasted youth

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Bwog has been procrastinating! (Is that redundant?) We even made a list of how we recommend you procrastinate, to which you shall contribute. Open thread time!

– Make Bwog posts

– Send in tips to Bwog

– Watch episodes of South Park

– Go to the horsey ride track in Nassau County and be hit on by the bugler

– Facebook-message all your friends from back home to see when they’ll be back in the Motherland

– Try and break your arch-nemesis’ Mario Kart records

– Doodle pictures of dinos and flowers and smiling suns

– E-mail your long-lost relatives to ask them how they’re doing and by the way thank them for financing your exorbitantly-priced college education

– Try Artopolis!

– Refresh your g-mail inbox ad infinitum

– Use the new facebook feature “online now” to see which of your friends have also been on facebook all day

– Watch helicopters and skywriters

– Try to convince people to make the jump from the east campus plaza to the Wien balcony

– Walk around like a zombie in a semi-conscious state in which you accidentally bump into things

– Count the quarters you have been storing all semester

– Download Goldeneye N64’s Statue Park theme song as study music for a Soviet history essay

– Sit in the Dodge music library and pretend you’re studying, while in reality you’re copying a crapload of their CD’s to your laptop

– Hang out with the construction workers

– Cut your fingernails and toenails, and then file them down

– Browse Labyrinth’s bargain books for your plane/train ride fix

– Browse itunes libraries

– Prank ROLM phone call

– Change the font on your resume

– Decorate your study space

– Sit on the commencement bleachers and pretend you’re graduating this year



  1. le nap  

    nap! where is nap!

  2. you can

    -clean your room
    -hole-punch all your papers & handouts, then organize them into neat binders

  3. sad  

    shit, I'll be sitting on the commencement bleachers and actually graduating. how about - eat in john jay and pretend to be a freshman again? get a whiff of the mcbain shaft and remember what sophomore year was like? head to little [european country] and reminisce about your junior year abroad?

  4. essential  

    return all your borrowdirect books

  5. how about  

    -read gothamist and learn about all the fun things you could be doing if you were, ya know, not in butler all day.

  6. read  

    simply recipes
    the paupered chef
    running with tweezers
    serious eats
    smitten kitchen
    homesick texan
    the knowledge for thirst
    ed levine eats
    a chicken in every granny cart
    craigslist apt listing (crap i'm graduating!)
    and no impact man in infinite loop so that there is always something new to read...

    (and periodically check to see of malcolm gladwell has added anything to his bwog since the enron articles)

  7. umm  

    What the hell is going on in that picture?

  8. moremoremore!!!  

    - steal a starbucks card and create a spare key for the last week of school (may double as a fun way to surprise whoever is living in your room next semester)

  9. Sprinkles  

    Follow the British local elections.

    LIBERAL DEMOCRATS HOLD ORKNEY! All 50 sheep voted.,,2072327,00.html

  10. ...  

    smoke hooka and watch Harry Potter

  11. Tom  

    She came off pretty well, anyone who knows the context of the handicap law knows Sarkozy was full of shit. She may be too, but she called his bluff on that one.
    The verdict from the centrist: he's not voting Sarkozy:

  12. look at  

    wall-to-walls on facebook

  13. is this just me?  

    undertake needlessly complex culinary endeavors like making ketchup from scratch or baking pretzels.

  14. le drame

    je suis scandalisé !
    calmez-vous. Non ! woah !

    Although Bayrou's not voting Sarko, Ségo is still trailing by 8 :,_2007#Opinion_polling

    plus I agree with #20

  15. Abortion

    Why is there an aborted baby and a cantaloupe in the picture?

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