Speakergate ’07: The Endorsement Deals Roll In…

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Spotted in Lerner: Matthew Fox used to sell meal plans and dining dollars. Quoth his visage: “You may want me to get LOST on Class Day, but I can’t get enough of the Ferris Booth Lunch Special! Sign up online for your plan today!”

We’re not sure how many people present on Class Day could possibly be interested (or eligible) for meals or dining dollars, but we can’t help but applaud Housing & Dining for keeping up on its campus gossip.

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  1. flabbergasted

    I... can we get one of these for Klagge as well? I mean really, thanks for rubbing it in.

    Reminder: Harvard has Bill Gates AND Bill Clinton speaking at Commencement and Class Day respectively!

    • blows my mind  

      Harvard? Bill Gates. Bill Clinton.

      Yale? Fareed Zakaria.

      Columbia? Matthew Fox.

      • Oh come on  

        Get over yourself. He's a young Columbia alum, he's totally into the school, and I'm sure he'll have something different to say. Who needs platitudes from Bills Clinton and Gates?

        Fareed Zakaria is a tool.

        • Not really

          "he's totally into the school"

          It took a lot of convincing to get him to do it. After 8 other people said "No thanks." It's not like he jumped at the chance to represent Alma Mater.

          It's rare for someone big to want to speak to a smaller recognition ceremony where no one technically graduates. Unless it's Harvard, apparently.

      • Well

        isn't Zakaria a Yale alum? is column by itself makes Newsweek a superior publication.

        Fox would've been just fine if we had high profile commencement speakers like other schools. But because we don't we expect class day to make up for it (and it never does, not even at other schools). It's a lose-lose situation.

  2. hah  

    i have a theory that it's from being in the same city as NYU.

    sure, we might not have a cool, hip campus setting. but we share the same love of celebrities and international cuisine

  3. Anonymous  

    Zakaria is a tool. Fox > Zakaria.

    but still:

    Calatrava, bitches.

  4. yeah okay but like  

    what i really want to know is, what is the ferris booth lunch special? like you can use meals at ferris booth?


  5. hmm  

    is it just me, or do housing and dining have a little too much time on their hands?

  6. hey all!  

    In an email from CCE for temp jobs:
    DURATION: PT, 2 days a week with minimum of 12 hours
    COMPENSATION: $12-15 per hour
    DESCRIPTION: Reader and secretary for blind Psychologist.
    Female applicant preferred.
    QUALIFICATIONS: Either graduate or recent graduate of
    Barnyard or Graduate student at any CU.

    HA! The contact is a woman and I assume she's a "Barnyard" grad also. Man, CCE/blind psychologists really have it out for our sisters across broadway

  7. Zakaria > Fox  

    I'm sorry but he is the editor of Newsweek & his life so far has been incredible. What the fuck could Fox possibly tell us?

  8. who were the 8  

    that rejected us?

  9. housing & dining  

    are evil institutions. I cannot believe we pay $5000-7000 for the shitholes we reside in. And $1.30 for sodas. Now I see where the money's going

  10. give me a break

    pay rent in new york sometime. you can't get an apartment as nice as wien in Morningside Heights for the price you pay.

    and sodas are $1.60 most places.

    entitled much?

    • He y fuck-stick

      Sodas are 75 cents at the supermercado. Maybe a sawbuck at the deli.

    • here's your break

      just because i'm a lowly undergrad paying subsidized housing doesnt mean that columbia gets to play slumlord to my wien tenancy.

      the biggest gripe is the disparity in housing quality. try living in furnald one year where you have 2 single sex bthrooms per floor, a fully furnished and gorgeous floor lounge and tv on every floor, as well as AC and heat. meanwhile the next year you live in wien. THATs what gets in your craw.

  11. Old Man Winters  

    Back in my day you could get a soda pop for a nickel, yer darn kids!

  12. so...

    columbia gives you ridiculously great, inexpensive housing [furnald, relative to general market] then has the NERVE to stick you with merely good housing [wien, relative to general market]...?
    quit griping! the housing is pretty good!

    • wein  

      isn't actually 'good housing' even relative to general market. rotting bathroom ceilings and sound-transparent room doors, people.

      and, i've never looked for an apartment off campus for the school year. but i found one for this summer that's cheaper & better than summer housing with not too much trouble...

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