1. sweet  

    first comment!

  2. wirc  

    best cover ever

  3. ethics?

    should take a poll if receiving quotes from your adviser is unethical...

  4. mr ethics  

    Extracts from the study guide / answer sheet...

    "To the lighthouse... know the candles reference -p. 97"

    "Crime and Punishment- will be from the epilogue"

    "Don Quixote (Cervantes)- will be from the last chapter"

    "Virgil- Book 11 - Battle scene (female)"

    "Divine Comedy- Ulysses - Book 26"

    "Montaigne-... from one of the first two essays we read"

    "Boccaccio (Decameron)- will be from the prologue"

  5. backcover  

    of cpu has a coupon for free bagel and coffee from morton williams. they give you mean looks if you get a large, and your bagel with butter, but hey, when don't they give you mean looks? its only good this week, and its been my breakfast every day. yay for magazines helping me be broke in college....

    • good call  

      I picked up about 5 Jesters, it has the same coupon for the free bagel and coffee. I'll be in tomorrow morning, getting my caffeine fix for my 9am final...

  6. Interested  

    Sorry to go off topic, but just why is the new Blue and White so delayed? Problems with Hartco? I'm interested because my publication is thinking of switching to them, but they seem to have significant delays. Also, there were only three B&W issues total this semester for some reason?

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