Swimming in the Schap

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A few Schapiro residents are regretting they stayed at Columbia to party last night.

From Ben Isham… 

flood A urinal on the 8th floor opened up some time close to midnight, putting about two inches of water on the eastern double tower there, and sending water cascading down the building (all the way to the second floor) Rooms on the floors below had water literally raining from the ceilings. The fire alarm was sounded to evacuate the building due to the risk of electrical fire (the water was flowing down around the recessed lighting on some floors) and eventually people were let back in. Hopefully everyone will be able to move out tomorrow successfully.

Bwog welcomes tales from the flood. 

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  1. also  

    there was a major shortage of blue bins. lots of people weren't able to move out by 12pm. i wonder if housing is going to charge all of those people the $100 post-12pm check out fee. (i managed to get out at 11.55am thankfully.)

  2. Bob Dylan

    High water risin,' it's risin' night and day

  3. wirc  

    Well since your RA has to mark you as "late," unless you threw a beer bottle at him, you'll be fine. Not fined.

  4. yay water  

    one thing you gotta know about columbia fines is that they are rarely inforced...the rules are just there to be annoying, noone follows them and they dont exactly expect you to follow them. It's like the rule about fridge size.

  5. fuck Schapiro

    Columbia's shittiest dorm, shittier than Wien by far. I am so psyched to move out of that crap hole. $5500 for 85sq feet (170double), a filthy, rarely cleaned community bathroom & a roach infested kitchen.
    And housing sucks balls. I want to cap a bitch.

  6. Schap7

    I lived on Schap 7 and just moved out yesterday. The kitchen always smelled really weird, as though there was a dead animal in a cupboard. The girls' bathrooms were ok, and I was happy with my single. But this uniral water from the 8th floor making our WALLS PEEL was fucked up.

    Glad I moved out in the AM! Fearless RA Ben, I will miss you.

  7. wow...

    if that's a picture from Katrina, then that's classy, real classy...

  8. rjt

    I'm from Minnesota and I'm in Minnesota and I speak for absolutely everyone in Minnesota and we're pretty okay with it.

  9. Flo

    Yeesh. I noticed the water (well, liquid) dripping from the ceiling across the hall from the girls' bathroom door at around 11pm Friday, I think? I stuck my empty trash can under the leak and told my RA, but I had no idea it was that big a deal - shortly after, I left to go have a last-night party elsewhere.

    I was on the 3rd floor.

  10. Flo again

    No, now that I think about it, I did that just before I left, and I left at around 12.40am. So that's a better time estimate.

  11. my RAs

    ceiling collapsed in wien because of water damage.


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