1. what?

    Someone left a cardboard Steve Irwin? I'll take it!

  2. Mouth?

    Please say that's not a hole where his mouth should be...

  3. damn

    the steve irwin cutout was better when they had him popping out of the shrubbery in the courtyard.

  4. but it's still

    remarkably 3-dimensional.

  5. wtf

    why was my comment about the top photo deleted? I sense rightist censorship among thee, bwog!

  6. So...

    the residents in the upper suite are planning to remain in Columbia indefinitely, despite their parents' refusal to fund them?

  7. wwwd?

    the tag should really be watson house, not ec...

  8. i ruined this site

    so glad that steve irwin is dead too bad he didnt get killed by cho seung hui and got fucked by matt sanchez

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