Beta volunteers to feed everyone left on campus

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Summer Columbians who are hungry, broke and puzzling over how best to commemorate the sacrifices of our men and women in unifor
m are apparently welcome at the Beta house tomorrow.

CORRECTION, 11:33 PM EST: Former University Senatorial candidate Dan Free wrote in to let us know that “Um…thats NOT true. I’m hosting it and its for invitees only. CHANGE IT IMMEDIATELY!” And, in a second e-mail: “Also, make sure to CORRECT the error on Bwog. Thanks.” Duly noted. 

And speaking of sacrifices…regular Columbians puzzling over how best to worship the dread lord Cthulhu can seek out the Science Fiction society as soon as school begins next fall. Bwog apologizes for being a month or so late on this, but we’re nevertheless curious as to how the Coed* Naked** Blood*** Wrestling**** went down. Survivors are invited to share their eyewitness accounts of the event–provided they’ve gotten over the trauma.

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  1. Actually

    The event was (lightly) Bwogg'd:

    As a witness but not a participant, I nonetheless believe I can say with confidence that our dread lord was as pleased as anyone with both turnout and general level of debauchery. The Virgin Sacrifice went quite well, too.

  2. Beta event host

    actually, event is closed to invited people only.

  3. not invited

    the event closure will also be extended to invitees.

  4. oh!  

    Lovecraft = awesome

  5. only a matter  

    of time before Cthulu appeared on the bwog.

  6. Beta

    most certainly doesn't suck. If a brother wants to have a BBQ for his friends that invite doesn't have to be extended to the entire campus! The question is why bwog thought it was OK to advertise it here?

  7. sometimes  

    bwog fucks things up. this is one of those times. still hilarious. hey guys, everyone go over to beta for free food.

    beta sucks. completely lame.

  8. post writer

    The original Facebook event was open-invite, and the event page encouraged people to invite themselves. At some point after the post went up, the event organizers made it invite-only and emailed Bwog twice--unfortunately for Bwog and fortunately for Beta, I neglected to take a screenshot of the original Facebook page.

  9. beta

    mark m is a part of beta. enough said.

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