sdfdsYou probably didn’t hear it here first: the freshman class, according to numerous sources, is buzzing with the knowledge that content from the Lit Hum final was leaked to at least one class prior to the exam.

Details are shady, but first-years tell of widespread indignation when the exam let out at 3:30 on Friday that many students had received a “study guide” with areas to look for passage IDs and vague ideas of essay topics. The most solid information Bwog has been able to obtain indicates that a female seminar leader gave the information to her entire class, and that it spread via floors and sports teams until hundreds of students had seen the notes, which one source spotted lying around Butler Café after the exam.

“Anybody could have gotten 10 out of 10 on the IDs,” said one source.

The Associate Dean of the Core Curriculum has been informed of the prevalence of alleged leaks. Bwog will update you as more information becomes available.

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