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Tips are slower these days, but a critical mass has long since accumulated. Items of interest:

sdfsNSOP has a theme
! Not as graphically snazzy, but least they’re not hyperventilating like last year.

Silly kids. Don’t they know that winners play basketball?

This happened a while ago, but good news doesn’t get old. Cute! 

71 indictments for accused J-school rapist: why don’t we just assume he’s getting life and call it a day? 

CU profs come out for Spitzer spawn (at least 5, by our count) 

It appears that the SEAS 2011 valedictorian race is over.

Everyone should enter this. Cereal party!

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  1. annoyed

    Who wrote this piece?

  2. Oh no, NSOP!  

    The logo looks terrible! It's so ... BLAND. I'd even go as far as saying I liked last year's better, and that's saying A LOT.

    Also, is it just me or does like all of the class of 2011 play jazz? WTF was that part of the admission criteria or something?

  3. ahhh

    Bwog please fix the side bar problem. On ie it's in the middle of the page.

  4. psh  

    what makes pollard such a good valedictorian? it seems like he'll meld right into to the other high school NASA and nuclear researcher crowd at SEAS.

    • lol

      The paper called SEAS "Fu".

      And the point of the post/joke is that he's bolting from high school early. heh. good man. I like his style.

      and the NSOP page? BO-RING. Seriously, can't NSOP hire anyone with real html skills? Or are the folks at SDA who do the hiring keep low standards so they can't be accused of hypocrisy, being as unqualified as they are themselves...

      That being said, it's not a knock on NSOP. They do a tremendous amount of hard work to pull the event off, and it's not easy. If you really think you can do a better job, shut up and apply for the position and show everyone how its done.

      The real problem at Columbia is the culture of arm chair criticism. Everyone's got a complaint and thinks they know how to do it better, but few of the critics are willing to actually sacrifice their time and other personal interests to actually make the changes.

  5. cry me a river  

    The logo is supposed to be clear and easily replicated. The theme is really the important part and I think it's great.

  6. ehh

    whatever. it's not that hard to get into college early. i did and i graduated shy of cum laude. just because he's 17 and going to college doesn't mean he's brilliant

  7. so what?

    a heartily sarcastic round of applause for poster number 8. congrats.

  8. ehh

    I hardly think #8 was self-aggrandizing, so your sarcasm is misplaced. The point is this kid is so underwhelming that I wonder if the bwogger knows him personally somehow. It's not like this is national news.

  9. the owl

    it's tucked in alma mater's robe!

  10. the owl

    Is really a metaphor. It's within each Columbia graduate... except the Barnard ones.

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