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While Bwog suspected that 2.75 for a grease-bathed slice of pizza the size of a John Jay single was simply too good to be true, we’re happy that some parity has been restored to the Roti Roll-Koronet rivalry (a slice and an Aloo Masala Frankie are both $3.00), and delighted to see capitalism punishing the apparent majority of you who, for reasons that not even Bwog can comprehend, prefer the latter.

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  1. DHI

    Worst Bwog post ever.
    Who gives a shit about the "rivalry," I eat both and don't want to pay more for one, and get off your damn anti-pizza high horse, you can't understand why sometimes you want Koronet's instead?

    Man, I'm gonna watch coffee prices and make posts delighting in their inflation since whoever posted this probably drinks coffee.

  2. question  

    does "the latter" refer to koronet (of "roti roll-koronet") or the frankie (of "a slice and an aloo masala frankie)?

  3. McFister

    Koronet is about the worst pizza you can get on the upper west side. Who cares if it's big and cheap, it sucks.

  4. Wow  

    I wish there were bylines for all Bwog posts, so I would know who to throw rocks at.



  6. Once

    I ate three partially inflated rubber balloons at Koronets in the pizza. It tastes fine but I didn't like the way the koronets balloons tickle my bottom. Eat at V&T where they blow the balloons up all the way.

  7. Who

    on earth doesn't like Koronet? That's just snobbery -- it's a damn fine slice, and to hell with the opposition. I'll mourn for that extra quarter, though. My regular lunch is up to $4.10 now, which is getting competitive with Ollie's.

    V&T is better -- like one time out of three. If there's one thing you can count on at Koronet, it's conSIStency. V&T is a different restaurant every damn day, and don't even talk to me about the other overpriced joints...

  8. I love

    that a post this innocuous can yield such venom from commenters.

    God bless you, Bwog.

  9. McFister

    Is right...

    it's some greasy shit... and with the money you save you either lose time having to work off that grease at the gym or, like most people, you just get fat and in 30 years have to pay to clean up those fat-filled arteries...

  10. ooops

    didn't meant o make the last post look like McFister was commenting... just meant "McFister is right..."

  11. um well

    If you eat Koronets every day obviously you will be dead very soon. But if you, like me, eat at a specifically arranged, sporadic yet consistently excellent time--after 2 am, in a state of mind that prohibits such functions as watch-reading--Koronets is the elixir to everlasting life.

  12. this is news

    i like the summer updates having seen a few changes on campus as of late myself.

    this change is also very recent. I think i had a slice of kornets at 2.75 as late as wednesday, so this change is in the last week.

    • McFister

      In other news, Global Ink went out of business.

      • fuck

        no more global ink? ugh, that's horrible. I remember when the neighborhood association banded together to prevent universal ink from competing with it.

        you assholes, all of you. they offered you free coffee with any purchase. you couldn't bring yourself to desire a copy of die zeit or le monde diplomatique? for shame.

        in other news, the bwog column problem is fixed. huzzah!

      • Nooooo!

        Global Ink is gone?? Shit. That's awful. As if I actually have time to go down to the Lincoln Center B+N during the school year to pick up the offbeat magazines that GI regularly stocked. Shit.

      • Thank

        God they're outta business. The creepy Egyptian guy who worked there hit on any woman who walked in...and he always stared at me whenever I even walked by. Glad to see he's gone :)

  13. Anyone

    who talks crap about Famiglia should take his or her dirty ass back to Jersey.

  14. me too  

    my feelings exactly.

  15. I FEEL


  16. Mark

    I remember when Koronet's was 2.50 a slice. Maybe 3 years ago?

  17. old

    I think it went up to 2.50 in the summer of 2001.

  18. older

    in 1994 they'd just give you the whole pizza if you had a shiny enough coin.

  19. oldest  

    in the 17th century, pizza didn't exist so the workers at koronet just waited patiently until it was invented

  20. late saturday nite

    i like koronets with broccoli on top. nice and crunchy. makes me happy.

    three bucks aint so bad. but with the broccoli. thats 4.50. with a soda...thats more than 5 dollas.

    i think i'll take my drunk ass to get a spicy special instead.

  21. Koronets

    is not the best pizza around, but it certainly beats that cardboard shit they claim is pizza over at Pinnacle.

  22. i never understood  

    why people insisted on calling it "koronets" when it blatantly reads "koronet pizza" on the sign.

    • Yes

      My friend, you are so right. I spent my whole freshman year complaining about it. And at least then, there was a scaffolding over the sign... now there's no excuse.

  23. i still want

    someone to reply to commenter number 2... that commenter identifies a serious confusion in this post

    • okay

      the order is {former, latter}, so, in this case, [koronet's, roti roll], koronet's is the former, roti roll is the latter. you can remember this because "latter" sounds like "last" and refers to the last thing listed. thus, commenter 1 is off, because he/she assumed bwog prefers roti roll, when actually it is implied that bwog prefers koronet's but enjoys both. there is no "anti-pizza high horse."

      personally, i enjoyed this post, but not inflation.

      • oh and

        in case you didn't get it, bwog was also implying that the reason koronet's increased its price was to compete with roti roll. apparently the cheaper food was not enough to draw customers away from roti (despite bwog's feeling that koronet's is better--hence their surprise). this seems apparent enough, but commenter 1 clearly didn't get it.

      • hey asshat  

        i think we all know what "former" and "latter" mean; the ambiguity lies in which pair it is referring to:

        1) "Roti Roll-Koronet", or
        2) "a slice and an Aloo Masala Frankie"

        as you can see, it makes a huge difference depending on which one you choose. you're assuming that bwog meant the second pair (the LATTER, if you will) when it could have just as easily meant the first pair.

  24. DHI


    Grammatically, "latter" should referr to the pair outside parentheses - thus, the "latter" would be Koronet.

    Contextually, it would make more sense if the "latter" referred to pizza - since they are fans of Roti Roll, they are glad to see that Koronet no longer has a price advantage. Capitalism is now "punishing" Koronet fans by raising the price on them. This goes with the title as well.

    Also, here is some historical evidence in favor of the Roti Roll preference: [ external link to bwog.net ]

  25. ummm...

    can we have the wall of shame again (for classes that haven't submitted grades)?

    I STILL don't have one of my grades.

  26. whatever  

    This price increase is going to piss off the homeless guys that got their money from the people leaving K-nets with the extra quarter in their hand.

  27. Jesus H  

    Yo all of you who rocked this post and who are rocking Koronets are the haters. I mean honestly, are you really getting that angry over reporting? And honest reporting at that? I went to Koronets with $2.75 in my pocket the other day and luckily the guy still sold me the slice--I only wish I had read this Bwog post sooner!

    Columbia students are pretentious douchebags who don't know how to appreciate good, honest reporting. Yea, f the Koronets-Roti Roll rivarly, I wanna see more posts about some girl's YouTube video where she talks about her nipple slip. Assholes.

  28. That pizza

    That pizza, guys and gals, is laced with my spit.

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