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So as to continue this wonderful recent trend in overheard/seen pleasantries, now a gossip gem from the Harvest issue of the Blue and White: One recent Saturday night, a drunken blond gentleman tried to order Koronet* pizza with his jeans pooled around his feet and his eerily transparent boxers on full display. When the cashier […]

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Some people like to get their 4 a.m. drunk snack the classy way. Photo by Jenne O’Brien

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As commenters pointed out in the previous post, another August has seen Koronet’s up its jumbo slice price by $0.25. Judging from last year’s chart, it appears Koronet’s is continuing the $0.25/year trend through these economic times. Then again, as one commenter put it last year, “i’m usually so drunk when i eat koronets that […]

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The Society of Physics Students will have Koronets at their meeting tonight at 7:00PM in 831 Pupin. Despite the food, the physics of creating gigantic pizzas will not be discussed. Bwog has been advised that, if you get out fast enough after grabbing pizza, you probably won’t have to stay for the research talk (no […]

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Bwog correspondent Jon Hill reports some awful Koronet-related news: prices have increased 25 cents, up from the $3/slice price, which lasted about a year. Hill researched some old data and used Microsoft Excel in order to illustrate for you, the concerned citizenry, the historical precedent for this price increase.  

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Overheard: I Hunger

In front of Butler Kid 1: (looking at chalk) What is… Kid 2: There was a vigil tonight. Kid 1: Oh, but it’s done… Was there food- Kid 2: No, they had a vigil. Kid 1: But like, isn’t Burma a type of food…? Kid 2: No, they Kid 1: Because I was really hoping […]

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While Bwog suspected that 2.75 for a grease-bathed slice of pizza the size of a John Jay single was simply too good to be true, we’re happy that some parity has been restored to the Roti Roll-Koronet rivalry (a slice and an Aloo Masala Frankie are both $3.00), and delighted to see capitalism punishing the […]

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On a sign posted by the NYPD in Koronet: iPods and Cell Phones- Crime Prevention Tips: If you choose to wear your iPod, cell phone, or PDA clipped to your belt for all the world to see as some kind of 21st century status symbol, remember that may not be the best safety practice. The […]

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